Girls – Ohio



Melody     Age: 10

Melody is energetic and enjoys going to the park, watching movies, swimming and riding her bike. She also enjoys coloring and drawing, as well as playing games. Melody can be shy and is often quiet, but with time, she can be very playful.




Kerianna     Age: 11

Kerianna is confident young woman who likes to have fun! She would fit well into small family that has as much energy as her!




Courtney     Age: 14

Art, sports, music, theme parks, bring it on, for Courtney, she’s a doer who is quiet, but enjoys her time with people. She has a desire to serve the public when she grows up — check out her dream for the future.




Antonia     Age: 13

Antonia is a girl in need of a forever family. She is very polite and mannerly, and she loves to laugh and be silly. She is outgoing, talkative and very creative with a love of crafts and making things.




Makayla     Age: 10

“I’m smart, I’m kind, I’m sweet and I’m intelligent,” this darling young lady says. She likes hugs! Makayla wants to be a part of a family complete with a brother a sister and pets!




Kierra     Age: 14

A soft-spoken young woman, Kierra would do best as the youngest member of a family or only child. Like many girls her age, Kierra enjoys shopping, dressing up and doing her hair and nails.




Azenae       Age: 15

This strong, beautiful, confident and intelligent young woman needs a strong mentor who will encourage her to keep taking the next steps she needs to take to be successful and show her some love and guidance along the way!




MARYJEAN       Age: 16

Maryjean hopes to write novels when she grows up. She relies on her friends when she needs someone to talk to but hopes someone will open their heart and their home to a child who was born without those. Check out Emily’s video by clicking below.




EMILY       Age: 15

Emily likes ice cream, a lot! In fact, she says ice cream is one of a few things that truly make her happy.




CHERAE          Age: 13

Cherae enjoys crafts and making things like bracelets and tie-dyed shirts. She likes to play with baby dolls and enjoys playing Uno. She likes dancing, cheerleading and gymnastics. She wants a family that is very active, one that will help her explore all her interests.




CLARISSA          Age: 15

Clarissa loves music, and enjoyed participating in the school chorus. She loves to what she calls “girlie things” such as shopping or doing hair and make-up. She hopes for a family that has pets and enjoys going to church.




MCKYZNIE         Age: 11

McKynzie hopes for a loving, two-parent home with older siblings and pets. She loves animals and hopes to be a veterinarian one day. She enjoys swimming and riding her bike and is a good student.





LIZZY         Age: 12

Lizzy is described as a “girly-girl.” She enjoys shopping, fun fashions, doing hair and accessorizing! She would do best in the home of a single mom with only one or two other siblings. She hopes for a dog, but it would have to be smaller and gentle.



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