Trayvonta describes himself as kind, loving and someone who likes to help. He’s also says he’s outgoing and an artist who likes to draw and design jewelry and clothing. When he grows up, Trayvonta hopes to be a clothing designer who’s clothes are featured on runways! He enjoys reading chapter books, listening to Motown artists like the Jackson 5 and enjoys going to the movies especially the Tyler Perry series of Madea films. Comedies on television and in the theaters are his favorite because he loves to laugh.

Trayvonta is an intelligent young man who enjoys school. His favorite subject is math and he excels in his studies achieving As and Bs in all his classes. When not in school, Trayvonta likes to spend time playing Monopoly, going to movies and shopping. In the summer months, he enjoys playing basketball, trips to Kings Island and camping.

Trayvonta is very helpful around the house by cleaning his room, bathroom and taking out the garbage. He helps wherever he can. He is a kind, respectful, courteous teen with a dynamic personality.

Trayvonta hopes for a mom and brothers and sisters. He wants a family that is happy and will help him to be happy too and feel safe and loved. He is looking for a loving family to help him grow and achieve his dreams.

If you would like to meet Trayvonta, kindly contact Hamilton County, Ohio, Foster Care & Adoption Services at (513) 632-6366.

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