Eleik is easy to talk to and enjoys meeting new people. He is friendly and engaging. He likes to be called Nico. When asked to describe personal attributes, likes and dislikes, Nico states he enjoys singing and dancing and is interested in fashion and make up. Nico has a beautiful singing voice and has confidence in performing for others. He hopes to have a career in music in the future. Nico also likes to read, and he expresses an interest in the study of space and a career having to do with outer space.

In day-to-day life, he en-joys baking and especially likes to make pancakes. Nico has a favor-ite teddy bear who is as big as he is. Travelling is fun for Nico; he was born in California and would like to visit there again someday.

For more information, contact the Montgomery County, Ohio, Children Services at 937-224-5437.


GMH child info

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