Fifteen-year-old Darrion describes himself as more academic than athletic. He enjoyed his last year of high school and learning math, English, social studies and science, though he is active and likes play when he has the chance. Darrion enjoys a good action movie, especially if things get blown up and there are lots of great stunts.

When he was younger, Darrion learned a bit of sign language and has a strong interest in learning more including possibly going to college to earn a master’s degree in sign language so he can become an interpreter.

Darrion likes being around people and would prefer to live in a city or suburb where he has neighbors. He hopes for a loving family that will take the time to get to know him and his own unique characteristics.

If this smart young man would fit into your family, please contact Montgomery County, Ohio, Department of Children Services at (937) 224-5437.

GMH child info

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