Bryson is an engaging boy. He likes playing outside, bike riding, drawing/art, and building with Legos. He loves one-on-one time with an adult – cooking, planting flowers, playing games or anything where he can be the helper. His favorite characters are the Minions, but he wonders if he’s getting too old to like them. He likes country and pop music and regularly asks his foster mom to turn on the radio so he can sing along. Bryson is a GREAT eater and will try anything at least once. He’s never met a sweet treat that he won’t eat. He likes everything with sauce – like spaghetti and meatballs, chicken with BBQ sauce, eggs with ketchup and salad with ranch. Bryson would like to have a pet of his own and likes cats and dogs. He wants to love on them so much he sometimes forgets to not crowd them.

Bryson is very proud of the work he does at school. He maintains As and Bs. He is smart, notices everything, learns quickly and remembers what he has learned. Bryson will need support from his forever parents to continue being a good student.

Any family considering Bryson should be active and have a structured routine. He has made significant emotional and behavioral progress in foster care and has a lot of potential. He desperately wants to feel loved and is eager to be adopted. He dreams of a traditional family with pets, siblings, church and regular family outings. He functions best when there is structure and flourishes when he feels your love.

He would do best as the youngest or only child in the home. He loves playing with other children. He would benefit from a strong male role model.

Contact Hamilton County, Ohio, Department of Children Services at (513) 632-6366.

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