Boys – Ohio

TYLER       Age: 15

Tyler hopes his future includes a job that means taking care of animals. His one wish is to be adopted and become a part of a family that really cares about him.


TREVOR        Age: 12

Trevor loves the outdoors and can definitely be described as an outdoors-man. He’s got big dreams for his future! Check them out by clicking on the link. Trevor needs a strong two-parent home.


NICOLAS        Age: 6

Nicolas has lots of energy and would do great in a larger family! He’s always ready for the next adventure. He is described as a happy and loving child with a lot to offer!


JACOB        Age: 14

Jacob is a soft-spoken young man who likes to stay busy. He says he likes to make people and hopes for a family that will simply care about him.


ETHAN        Age: 12

Ethan describes himself as nice, funny and friendly. He hopes to have a dog some day and to make the world a better place!


BLAKE        Age: 15

This laid back young back has dreams of becoming a surgeon someday and says he’s determined enough to make it happen! He could use the support of strong and loving parents as he works to achieve his goals.


TRISTAN        Age: 15

Tristan hopes to grow up in the city in a family where he’ll fit right in. He hopes the family has pets, specifically a dog.


RYAN        Age: 10

Ryan is helpful and loving. He is excited about life! Ryan will do well in any family setting, although it has been good for him to have a male role model in his life.


NOAH        Age: 11

Noah is an artistic and highly intelligent child who loves hands-on projects. He is a very energetic boy who enjoys hiking, exploring nature and swimming.


MARQUIS        Age: 9

Marquis is described as a happy, talkative, inquisitive and active child who likes imaginative play and enjoys family activities. He likes trains and playing outside.


JOSEPH        Age: 14

Joseph is a caring, compassionate individual who values family and has a great sense of humor. He enjoys sports, biking and video games. He likes animals and music and he finds joy in helping others.


JEREMY        Age: 13

Jeremy enjoys sports, video games and being outside. He does well in school and seems to enjoy learning. He hopes for a family to do these things with.


D’LAYNE        Age: 16

D’Layne is a smart 16-year-old boy who does well in school and is looking forward to attending college in the future. He hopes for a family that will be supportive of his goals to attend college.


MICHAEL        Age: 11

Michael is an intelligent, energetic and charismatic boy. He needs a family that can teach him how to direct these qualities into something positive.


RICKY        Age: 15

Ricky is a very sweet, soft-spoken young man who is looking forward to meeting his forever family as soon as possible. His therapist describes him as the perfect kid for a family who wants to cuddle, converse and stay connected.


VON’CELIS        Age: 16

Von’celis enjoys playing video games, dancing and making his own rap music! He is a good student and he has artistic talents, mostly drawing with mediums like ink and chalk.


ZACARIUS        Age: 17

Zacarius is interested in sports. He enjoys working out and martial arts. Zacarius is active in a church youth program. He enjoys outside activities, including canoeing, hiking, traveling, etc.


ISAIAH         Age: 12

He describes himself as a gentleman, someone who helps people cross the street. He plans to be a police officer when he grows up. Isaiah would like a big family with lots of siblings and a dog.


SELDON         Age: 12

Seldon has nice personality and is a respectful young man. He enjoys being active and riding his bike, and hopes for a family that will stay active with him and allow him to just be a child.


MARQUAN         Age: 13

Marquan likes reading comics, playing with race cars and Legos, rap music and riding his bike. When it comes to adoption, he hopes for simple things: happiness and someone to talk to.


MARCUS         Age: 10

Marcus enjoys math, science, science experiments, racing games, reptiles and in general just being active. He hopes for a forever family that has pets.


CAMERON         Age: 12

Cameron enjoys being the center of attention, and he is engaging and talkative and loves a good laugh! He enjoys playing sports and video games. Cameron wants to be a professional football or basketball player or a doctor when he completes high school.


JOSHUA         Age: 12

Joshua is an active and happy child. He is described by his case-worker as a neat kid. He enjoys sports and swimming. He needs active and consistent parents who will help him stay in contact with his older brothers.


JAYDEN         Age: 10

Jayden is a charming 10-year-old boy, with a smile that can melt your heart. This young man enjoys playing basketball, listening to music and fishing. Jayden needs a forever family with a lot of patience and structure.


XZAVIER          Age: 13

This 13-year-old describes himself as “awesome,” and we agree.  This charming and handsome young man works hard and likes to be nice to others.  Most importantly, he wants a family that is able to take care of him and love him.


MICHAEL          Age: 15

He also likes school, and has a talent for math class. Making crafts is a fun way for Michael to pass the time. More than anything, he likes to be outside and enjoys playing in the woods. He’s a self-described “nature boy.” Michael has dreams of seeing the world one day. Michael would do well in smaller family, and he hopes to have a couple pets.


GABE          Age: 11

Gabe wants to grow up to be a dad. He enjoys cooking and sporting events. He helps around the house with chores.


TRAYVONTA          Age: 14

This 14-year-old describes himself as outgoing and kind to others. He enjoys learning about history and math. He calls himself an artist and likes to draw clothing. He hopes to be a fashio designer whose clothing is showcased on runways!


JASON          Age: 14

Jason has a big heart. He enjoys being artistic and drawing cars. He also enjoys sports and would like to play basketball and football. He is naturally good at math but not sure if he likes the subject. He enjoys listening to music and says he loves animals.


DARRION          Age: 15

Darrion describes himself as more academic than athletic. He knows a little sign language and hopes to learn more. He enjoys a good action movie with lots of explosions and stunts. Darrion hopes to meet a loving family.


DOUG          Age: 12

Doug likes things that go! Especially remote control cars. He enjoys learning science. He likes Legos and cars, planes and helicopters. Doug’s favorite food is pizza, but what kid doesn’t love pizza. Doug hopes for two parents with either older siblings or as an only sibling.


SHANE          Age: 15

Shane has a loving and affectionate spirit. He is nonverbal but quick to let you know his feelings through smiles and hugs. He loves music.


DYONDREA          Age: 15

Dyondrea is a really likeable kid who loves video games, Legos and puzzles and who would enjoy one-on-one experiences like tossing a baseball or having outdoor adventures such as hiking or camping.


LEVI          Age: 14

Levi describes himself as helpful. He hopes for a mom and dad and to maybe live in the country where he can have a cat and dogs as pets. He enjoys fishing and riding and working on his bike. He also enjoys movies and video games.



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