Boys – Ohio

Brandon     Age: 11

Brandon is athletic and plays three sports. But his talents don’t stop there. He’s also creative (click to read what he’s won!) and described and a nice and helpful child.

Coley     Age: 9

Coley enjoys extracurricular actives such as sports, going to the library and the boys and girls club. He does well with his peers and loves helping around the house.

Tristen     Age: 16

Tristen is affectionate, outgoing, adventurous, inquisitive, and takes great pride in his appearance. Tristen wants a family that will support his continued involvement in a variety of activities, as he does well when he is kept busy.

Argene     Age: 16

Argene loves football, basketball and baseball, and he is a natural athlete. He likes being outside and spending time with friends. He is a talkative and charming teen who has great conversations and enjoys one-on-one attention.

Elijah     Age: 16

In his free time, Elijah enjoys skating, movies, video games and going to the mall. When given the opportunity, he is interested in going on vacations and seeing new places.

Ryan     Age: 10

Ryan is an active fun and sociable child! He enjoys YouTube and he loves Marvel, especially the Avengers. Ryan likes trying new restaurants.

Omarih    Age: 7

This smiling, happy, loving child currently lives in a nursing home. His caregivers and workers hope to find a family with a couple children who will be active with him.

Solomon    Age: 12

Solomon desperately wants a mom who loves him unconditionally. He hopes for an active family with siblings and pets and one that enjoys outdoor activities and fun indoor games.

Eleik    Age: 14

Eleik is as described easy to talk to, friendly and engaging. He enjoys singing and dancing and performing for others. He hopes to have a career in music in the future.

Rae’Dale    Age: 14

Rae’dale is a friendly, sweet child who enjoys Legos and video games and has a good appetite! He does best with a solid routine and is excited about finding his adoptive family.

Adam    Age: 10

Wanted: parents with lots of energy and a love for the great outdoors! To Adam, the activity doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s outside and that he’ll keep moving!

James    Age: 17

Described as happy and energetic, James enjoys puzzles, the library and being outdoors! James needs a caring and compassionate family that can provide structure and guidance for him as he grows and matures.

Caiden    Age: 15

Caiden is said to be able to put a smile on anyone’s face! He’s very sociable and interacts well with both children and adults. He loves being outside, especially if it means playing basketball!

Tyler    Age: 17

Tyler needs parents who will show him permanence and consistency. He hopes for parents who are spiritual, as he enjoys going to church. He enjoys reading and is described as a pleasant young man.

D’Juan    Age: 15

D’Juan is a friendly child who likes to be active and learn new things. He can be very helpful. Playing video games, listening to music and playing outdoors are some of his favorite activities. D’Juan enjoys and excels at playing basketball.

Brandon    Age: 15

Brandon is an 8th grader whose favorite subject is math. He likes superheroes, especially Superman. Brandon is a very social child who enjoys sports and swimming. He loves to ride his bike, watch superhero movies and play his Nintendo DS.

Jared    Age: 17

Jared is loved by teachers and staff, and he is ready to lend a hand when needed. He has a huge heart and the ability to develop healthy attachments to those in his life. Jared enjoys vacations, outings, swimming, crafts and playing video games.

Daniel    Age: 12

He is very active and loves to play all sports, but football is his favorite. Daniel, like most kids his age, enjoys video games.

Christopher    Age: 15

This boy likes school and earns As, Bs and Cs. His favorite class is gym because he likes to play basketball. He loves to watch Big Ten college football on TV and would love to go to lots of Bengals games.

Giovanni    Age: 17

Grant Me Hope first interviewed Giovanni in 2016. He had been matched, but that match unfortunately fell through. His video is, as a result, a bit out of date right now, but that doesn’t change the fact this kind young man needs a home!

Hayden    Age: 14

Hayden is going to need a family that is as into “Transformers” and Bumblebee as he is! Other than that, Hayden enjoys learning social studies and reading about history.

Izaiah    Age: 11

Charming, sweet, polite and creative are all words used to describe this young man! Izaiah likes football and Legos. He enjoys cooking but admits he needs some help on some dishes. Could that help be you?

Sean    Age: 11

Sean is described as respectful, energetic, responsible, intelligent and sweet. He’s a well-rounded kid who enjoys reading and being outside or a good Disney movie or children’s show. All he needs is parents!

Cody    Age: 14

This active young man hopes for a home and family that enjoys being in the country! He hopes for space to run around and play. He loves Spiderman, enjoys listening music, but mostly, Cody enjoys just staying busy!

Trevor    Age: 14

If it’s not basketball then it hardly matters to Trevor. Though he might watch football and, in a pinch, baseball. Mostly Trevor needs a dad! He responds better to men and could really use a strong male role model in his life.

Jonathan    Age: 14

Jonathan is an athlete! He plays center on his school’s basketball team. He is quiet and calm and overall enjoys school and learning new things.

Trevor     Age: 13

Trevor can be described as an outdoorsman. He loves to be outside playing in the yard or riding his bike around the neighborhood. He also loves tossing a football and would like an adoptive family who would do that with him.

Jayden     Age: 11

Jayden is sweet boy who does well playing and entertaining himself. He would do best as an only child. He loves Mickey Mouse and “Toy Story” movies and books.

Jonathan     Age: 8

Eight-year-old Jonathan hopes to grow up to be a dad. He could use a dad in the mean time though. Jonathan likes to use his hands, he likes Legos, the game Fortnight, and math! He would do best as the youngest in the family.

Tyrese     Age: 14

Tyrese is an energetic and fun-loving young man who loves to learn. He loves to play basketball, soccer and baseball, and he enjoys reading and learning new things. He needs a loving, supportive and patient family that will provide structure, support and encouragement.

Jayden     Age: 12

This quiet, sweet boy loves playing games with his grandma, who he hopes to be able to keep a relationship with. He enjoys super heroes and can tell you about all of them.

Deon     Age: 16

You might find Deon exercising, singing or dancing at his favorite hangout, the YMCA. This outgoing teen needs a stable family with parents who will nurture him.

MARCUS      Age: 9

Must love football! Football is Marcus’ world! He does like other things too, he must to exert his seemingly endless energy. He enjoys being outdoors and hopes his future includes a dog!

TYLER       Age: 17

Tyler hopes his future includes a job that means taking care of animals. His one wish is to be adopted and become a part of a family that really cares about him.

NICOLAS        Age: 6

Nicolas has lots of energy and would do great in a larger family! He’s always ready for the next adventure. He is described as a happy and loving child with a lot to offer!

JACOB        Age: 14

Jacob is a soft-spoken young man who likes to stay busy. He says he likes to make people and hopes for a family that will simply care about him.

ETHAN        Age: 12

Ethan describes himself as nice, funny and friendly. He hopes to have a dog some day and to make the world a better place!

BLAKE        Age: 15

This laid back young back has dreams of becoming a surgeon someday and says he’s determined enough to make it happen! He could use the support of strong and loving parents as he works to achieve his goals.

TRISTAN        Age: 15

Tristan hopes to grow up in the city in a family where he’ll fit right in. He hopes the family has pets, specifically a dog.

RYAN        Age: 10

Ryan is helpful and loving. He is excited about life! Ryan will do well in any family setting, although it has been good for him to have a male role model in his life.

JOSEPH        Age: 14

Joseph is a caring, compassionate individual who values family and has a great sense of humor. He enjoys sports, biking and video games. He likes animals and music and he finds joy in helping others.

D’LAYNE        Age: 16

D’Layne is a smart 16-year-old boy who does well in school and is looking forward to attending college in the future. He hopes for a family that will be supportive of his goals to attend college.

RICKY        Age: 15

Ricky is a very sweet, soft-spoken young man who is looking forward to meeting his forever family as soon as possible. His therapist describes him as the perfect kid for a family who wants to cuddle, converse and stay connected.

ISAIAH         Age: 12

He describes himself as a gentleman, someone who helps people cross the street. He plans to be a police officer when he grows up. Isaiah would like a big family with lots of siblings and a dog.

MARQUAN         Age: 13

Marquan likes reading comics, playing with race cars and Legos, rap music and riding his bike. When it comes to adoption, he hopes for simple things: happiness and someone to talk to.

CAMERON         Age: 12

Cameron enjoys being the center of attention, and he is engaging and talkative and loves a good laugh! He enjoys playing sports and video games. Cameron wants to be a professional football or basketball player or a doctor when he completes high school.

JOSHUA         Age: 12

Joshua is an active and happy child. He is described by his case-worker as a neat kid. He enjoys sports and swimming. He needs active and consistent parents who will help him stay in contact with his older brothers.

JAYDEN         Age: 10

Jayden is a charming 10-year-old boy, with a smile that can melt your heart. This young man enjoys playing basketball, listening to music and fishing. Jayden needs a forever family with a lot of patience and structure.

XZAVIER          Age: 17

This 13-year-old describes himself as “awesome,” and we agree.  This charming and handsome young man works hard and likes to be nice to others.  Most importantly, he wants a family that is able to take care of him and love him.

GABE          Age: 11

Gabe wants to grow up to be a dad. He enjoys cooking and sporting events. He helps around the house with chores.

DOUG          Age: 12

Doug likes things that go! Especially remote control cars. He enjoys learning science. He likes Legos and cars, planes and helicopters. Doug’s favorite food is pizza, but what kid doesn’t love pizza. Doug hopes for two parents with either older siblings or as an only sibling.

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