Boys – Mississippi


Thomas      Age: 16  

Thomas is nice, caring, and athletic. Dogs are his favorite because they are easy to love, he says. Family is important to Thomas. He would like a family that enjoys spending time together-watching movies or playing games.


Caleb      Age: 14  

Caleb is a 14 year old playful boy. He is quiet and gentle, enjoys watching cartoons, going to the movies, and playing video games. He also loves going to the playground and playing outside.


Richard      Age: 13  

Richard is a sweet, thirteen year old boy who is looking to be adopted into a wonderful family. Richard loves an adventure. Anything with a siren is his favorite thing.


Thomas      Age: 14  

This sweet and friendly teen hopes for a forever family that enjoys nature as much as he does. He likes to fish and hopes to combine that past time with one he’s always dreamed of trying: camping!


Keywan      Age: 12  

Keywan enjoys playing basketball with his friends. Math is his favorite subject at school an adoption to Keywan means love and acceptance.


O’Marion      Age: 10  

O’Marion is a sweet child who describes himself as a nice boy and a good friend. He stays active outside, riding his bike or scooter and playing football and basketball.


Jason      Age: 12  

Jason likes Legos and playing with others. He likes basketball. He’s outgoing and personable. Adoption to him means a family that loves and understands him.

Patrick “James”

Patrick James      Age: 19  

Patrick, who prefers to go by James, describes himself as funny and outgoing, but sometimes temperamental. He enjoys reading and drawing, particularly Anime. He would one day like to become a graphic designer.


Israel      Age: 11  

Israel is an active young man with a variety of interests. He likes sports and exercise and enjoys being outside climbing trees, riding his bike, or fishing.


Jasper      Age: 9  

Jasper describes himself as kind and playful. He says he is good at drawing and coloring, and would like to be better at playing the guitar. He also likes to ride bikes and jump on the trampoline.


Christian      Age: 17  

Christian is a people person who is playful and likes to joke around. He’s into football, history and government. He has plan to help other children as adult. Mostly he hopes for adoption and a mom, dad and a dog.

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