Boys – Mississippi


Estevan      Age: 15  

Estevan describes himself as polite, athletic, and smart. He likes to keep things neat and tidy and considers himself to be a good housekeeper. He likes being outdoors riding bikes, taking walks, or swimming. He also enjoys cooking and playing video games. He would like to join the military one day, then eventually have a career in science or architecture.


Adam      Age: 13  

Adam is a big fan of playing dodgeball. He also likes other sports and enjoys playing video games. His favorite spot to eat is Raising Cane’s, but he is happy with Ramen noodles as well. When he gets older he wants to join the military because it will give him opportunities to learn new things and travel.


Jimmy      Age: 16  

Jimmy is a young man who likes to stay active and he enjoys going to new places. He describes himself as nice and respectful of others. Some of his favorite activities include playing football and video games. He is a dog-lover. He would like to become a mechanic or a welder one day.


Raymon      Age: 14  

“Fun and outgoing” are the words Raymon uses to describe himself. He is an avid skateboarder. When asked what he would like to do better he said improve his skateboarding skills. Some of his other favorite pastimes are drawing, playing sports, and riding four wheelers. He is a dog-lover because dogs are playful and can be taught tricks.


Thomas      Age: 15  

Thomas, who would like to be a veterinarian when he grows up, loves all kinds of animals. His favorite, though, is a dog because it is man’s best friend. He has two other favorite things on his personal list: eating pizza and going fishing. There’s nothing much better than that, he says.


Larry      Age: 15  

Larry is a creative and sensitive child. He describes himself as smart and aware of others’ feelings. He enjoys meeting new friends. His favorite activities include playing outside, playing video games, and creating with Legos. Larry wants to be a counselor one day and work with children because he understands how kids feel and can help them.


Zander      Age: 12  

Zander is a quiet and happy child. He enjoys playing basketball and watching cartoons. His favorite food is plain oatmeal. When he grows up, he wants to work with children who are in foster care so he can help them.


Rodricuz      Age: 10  

Rodricuz prides himself on being a good basketball player. He enjoys playing basketball with his friends and dreams of one day being in the NBA. He loves pizza and dogs.


Josh      Age: 14  

Joshua is good at playing basketball, but he also enjoys playing kickball and volleyball. Video games with friends are a favorite pastime. In school, his best subject is math. When he grows up, he would like to be a policeman.


Antonio      Age: 14  

Antonio describes himself as smart and handsome. He enjoys playing football and basketball. His favorite type of food is Chinese. When he grows up he would like to be a professional football player or a plumber.

William Drew

William      Age: 12  

William, who likes to be called Drew, enjoys hunting, fishing, and football! He hopes for a forever family that enjoys those things as well. He hopes for a mom and a dad and siblings he will grow up with. What William hopes for most in a forever family is the consistency of staying in one place.


Will      Age: 16  

Will is agile and active! He enjoys playing sports. He’s interested in his Cuban history. He hopes to work with his hands when he grows up. He likes to draw and create and be outdoors. He hopes for family to have a place to belong.


John      Age: 16  

This articulate young outdoorsman’s favorite pastime is bass fishing! He likes football. His favorite team is the Browns. He hopes for a family that likes to be outside and enjoys hunting and fishing as much as he does. He hopes to join the Army when he’s old enough.


Caleb      Age: 14  

Caleb is a 14 year old playful boy. He is quiet and gentle, enjoys watching cartoons, going to the movies, and playing video games. He also loves going to the playground and playing outside.


O’Marion      Age: 10  

O’Marion is a sweet child who describes himself as a nice boy and a good friend. He stays active outside, riding his bike or scooter and playing football and basketball.


Jason      Age: 12  

Jason likes Legos and playing with others. He likes basketball. He’s outgoing and personable. Adoption to him means a family that loves and understands him.

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