Matthew & Kenyon


When Matthew grows up, he wants to be a fireman. He gets practice at it because he loves playing with fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. Matthew likes to play outside, dig in the dirt and ride his bike. He also enjoys playing games on his Wii and playing with dishes and dolls. Matthew’s favorite animals are lions and giraffes, and his favorite color is red. He likes to eat hamburgers, pizza, breakfast foods, apple pie and potato soup. Matthew enjoys playing at recess and does his school work best when he receives support. Like his brother Kenyon, Matthew enjoys attending church with his foster family.

Matthew can be a sweet, loving child, but he constantly seeks attention and does better with more positive interactions. Matthew is working to better manage his emotions.



Kenyon is an active child who loves being an older brother! He tries to make sure his brother, Matthew, is taken care of and gets what he needs. Kenyon is a good eater and loves to eat cereal. He also likes pizza, apple pie, peanut butter and honey sandwiches and peas and carrots. Kenyon burns up his calories by playing basketball and doing chores, which he enjoys and takes seriously. Kenyon also likes to work with his hands and put things together. Another joy is attending church with his foster family.

Kenyon is learning how to label his emotions and take responsibility for his actions. He requires supervision and redirection but has shown a growing ability to learn from consequences . Kenyon is working on developing positive relationships with his peers. He seeks approval of others and is very proud when he feels he has accomplished something. Once Kenyon has had the opportunity to build a relationship with someone he can be very friendly and engaging.

It is recommended that the best family for Kenyon and Matthew would be a two-parent home with a significant support system. The adoptive family will need to be very patient and supportive of Kenyon and Matthew as they learn to manage their emotions and build new and trusting relationships. The family will need to provide Kenyon and Matthew with a structured home, constant supervision and one-on-one attention. Kenyon and Matthew need a family who is willing to advocate for them. It is important that Kenyon and Matthew be adopted together and that they maintain contact with a younger sibling.

For more information about Matthew & Kenyon, please contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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