Her empathy seems to fuel Sativa’s philanthropic fervor. She loves doing volunteer work on weekends and enjoys visiting animal shelters. Sativa likes all animals especially cows and other farm critters. Sativa cares for everyone, and it shows in her wishes such as ending world hunger and poverty and hoping for a safe living environment for all. Despite her lofty ambitions, Sativa is a pretty typical teen. She loves going to the mall and visiting Starbucks. Sativa like being outdoors, enjoys nature and loves going on bike rides and hikes. She likes playing Mythomagic and playing with her Reborn dolls. “Her dolls allow her to cope with situations that are difficult, and she has something to take care of since she desires to care for others,” an adult close to Sativa says. She also enjoys reading, cooking — she says her favorite food is anything with cheese, noodles or potatoes – cleaning and traveling. In fact, Sativa lists the center of the Earth as her dream destination. “I think that’s where the dinosaurs went,” she says. As much as she longs to help others, Sativa wants happiness for herself, which includes finding a forever family. She hopes for a family who likes doing fun things such as cooking and dancing and making arts and crafts.

The most important thing Sativa wants others to know is, “how much I like to help the community.” The adults close to Sativa have great things to say about her: “Sativa is an active teen who is intelligent, independent and empathetic. Sativa is very creative and a self-advocate. She has lots of achievable goals and has been working on making some of those possible.”

Sativa wants a mom and dad, but one of the adults close to her believe she would do best with a single female parent or two female parents. Sativa also would do best in a forever family in which she is the only or oldest child. Her new parent or parents should be experienced and trauma informed. Sativa’s new forever family must be strong advocates for the services that will help her thrive. Her family must be willing to let Sativa maintain appropriate and important relationships. Sativa also needs a family who will be open to letting her explore who she is and support her no matter what. Finally, because she loves animals, Sativa wants a family who has pets.

For more information Sativa (C08614), contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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