NiAngle is always thinking of ways to have fun. Some of the ways NiAngel has fun include singing, dancing and listening to hip-hop. When she spends time with friends, NiAngel says they like to “talk girl stuff.” NiAngel also enjoys going to restaurants, going shopping and getting her nails done. In addition, NiAngel likes playing tennis as well as the card game Uno. When it’s time to feed that active body, NiAngel prefers pizza, her favorite food. Her favorite color is purple, her favorite animal is a dog and her favorite holidays are her birthday and Christmas. When she gets older, NiAngel wants to become a nurse. Then she might be able to visit her dream destinations, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. With her future forever family, NiAngel simply wants to spend time together having fun.

NiAngel is working hard to develop coping skills to manage her feelings. When she gets overwhelmed, she uses coloring, dancing and talking to others to help her. Her worker believes that NiAngel would flourish in a family who can provide the attention and affection that she craves. “She needs a patient family who refuses to give up on her,” says one worker. In school, NiAngel does well, likes spending time with friends and enjoys math class the most.

NiAngel would do best in a home with a mom and a dad, but a single female parent with a strong support network would be considered. Her new parent or parents must be experienced and knowledgeable of the impact of trauma on a child. Her new forever family must be fierce advocates for the services that will help NiAngel thrive. Her new forever family must be patient and – as one worker puts it – “willing to love NiAngel for who she is.” Finally, it is important that NiAngel be allowed to maintain her sibling relationships.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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