Joslyn seems destined to serve as an inspiration for others. This very friendly, fun-loving girl enjoys nothing more than spending time with others. “Joslyn’s personality is caring and sweet,” says her worker. “She is very affectionate.” She’s a smart girl as well who likes adding to her knowledge. “Joslyn recently began learning sign language and is excited to show others what she is learning,” says her worker. She embraces education. “Joslyn does well in the classroom and enjoys being in school,” her worker says. “She has stated that she likes science, spelling and math.” Her other favorite things to do include playing with Barbie dolls, having movie nights and going to the library. In addition to enjoying her playtime, Joslyn likes looking her best. “Joslyn loves painting her nails and doing her own makeup,” says her worker. When she’s asked about the qualities she wants in a future forever family, Joslyn says she wants one who’ll love her for who she is. “Joslyn wishes to have a family who is caring, loving and able to take care of her forever,” says her worker.

Joslyn equires patience and understanding, does best in a well-structured environment with a consistent schedule and could use help developing relationships with peers.

Joslyn would do well in any type of family, but she does want a mom and a dad or a single-female parent. Her new family should be patient and supportive and advocate for the services that will help Joslyn function at her best now and into adulthood. Since Joslyn loves animals, a family with pets would be appropriate.

For more information Joslyn (C09206), contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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