You could say Johslin has a flair for hair. She has been learning different techniques for styling her hair. Johslin really enjoys being able to change her style and is becoming very talented with hair styling. She considers herself to be a “girly-girl” and likes clothes and jewelry. A happy, talkative and caring girl, Johslin is outgoing and very intelligent; she is a bright student who performs well in school and says health is her favorite subject. Johslin also likes to help others and cares for the well-being of those around her. She often helps out anyone who would be considered the “underdog.” Her worker adds, “Johslin is very independent, driven and a strong advocate for herself.” Some of Johslin’s favorite activities include riding bikes, going on walks, listening to music, going shopping and, yes, doing chores such as cleaning and cooking. When asked the most important thing she wants people to know about her, Johslin said “that I am bubbly, adventurous, and I like to try new things.” To satisfy her creative urges, Johslin likes to dance and write. On the social side, Johslin loves to make friends, and she really would like to be adopted by a loving family.

Johslin has become very open to being adopted. At times, her emotions can get the best of her, but she is working on her coping skills. Johslin has benefited from the services that she receives to help manage her emotions and would do well if this is continued after she is adopted. Her worker adds, “she has now learned to express her emotions in an appropriate manner or she will remove herself from the situation that is upsetting her.”

Johslin needs a loving and consistent family and a structured home. It is important that the adoptive family continue to support Johslin’s interactions with her sibling as these are very important relationships to her. Johslin loves dogs, especially small ones, so a home with pets would be good for her.

For more information, please contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at (800) 589-6273.

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