Jennifer is a clever, creative kid with a dynamite disposition. She loves doing arts and crafts and reports that red, blue and orange are her favorite colors. “Jennifer wants others to know that she is a really good artist, particularly with crafts and coloring,” says her worker. When she gets older, Jennifer wants to turn her talent into a career by becoming an artist or art teacher. Jennifer also enjoys listening to music, and she likes baking. But one of her favorite things to do is getting lost in a world where Endermen, Creepers and Mobs lurk. “Jennifer loves anything ‘Minecraft,’” explains her worker. “She is also very knowledgeable about ‘Minecraft.’ She enjoys playing video games and ‘Minecraft.’” Another favorite activity is going to the library because, as Jennifer says, it calms her down. She recently participated in a running program and competed in her first race. To fuel herself for running, Jennifer prefers her favorite foods, which include pizza, ice cream (cookies and cream), bananas, lasagna, meatball subs and brussel sprouts. If she could visit anywhere in the world, Jennifer would want to travel to Hawaii. And what about that dynamite disposition? “Jennifer is a spunky young lady with a caring nature,” says her worker. “She is very polite.” In other words, a good fit for a forever family. Jennifer looks forward to spending time with her future forever family having fun and going on outings together. Science is her favorite subject. “She does well in school and enjoys learning new things,” one of her workers said.

Jennifer has endured trauma and sometimes struggles with her feelings, but is working hard to develop better coping skills. One of her workers says, “Jennifer may seem socially awkward at first but warms up to people once she gets to know them.”

Jennifer would do well in a home with two strong parents in a solid marriage. Older siblings would be great for her! Jennifer will need a strong and consistent advocate. Would that person or couple be you?

If so, Contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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