Hailey isn’t about to settle for just anything. When it comes to money, she wishes for “a gagillion dollars.” And forget about being queen of England; she wants to become “queen of the world.” Hailey dreams of traveling overseas to visit Barcelona for no other reason than it “looked interesting” in the movie “Cheetah Girls 2.” She doesn’t settle for average grades, either. Hailey’s most recent report card would make any parent swell with pride as would her ninth-grade reading level. Hailey’s current favorite book is “Boxcar Children,” and her favorite school subject is reading. Even though she’s good at math, Hailey doesn’t care for the subject in school, and she states a similar aversion to pears. However, she’ll eat any kind of pizza, particularly when it’s topped with mac ’n cheese. When she gets older, Hailey wants to become a fashion designer, an architect or a chef. She dreams of designing a mansion one day and perhaps living in it and ruling the world as its queen.

One worker describes Hailey as bubbly, social, creative and intelligent. Even though Hailey gets good grades, she she requires a good deal of one-on-one attention as well as redirection at home and in school. Hailey sometimes struggles with her emotions but is working to develop better coping skills.

Hailey would do best with two experienced parents in a home in which she is the only or youngest child. A single parent with a strong support system also would be considered. Her forever family must set clear boundaries and provide constant supervision. In addition, her family needs to act as strong advocates for the services that would be beneficial to Hailey’s success. It is crucial that her potential family engage with her current services so that an effective transition plan can be created and implemented. Her family also needs to be patient as Hailey transitions into her new home. Since Hailey loves horses, “my dream family would own a horse!” she says.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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