There are no batteries required for Gabby because she’s fully energized. “Gabby describes herself as fun and energetic,” says her worker. Her favorite activities include dancing and cheerleading. Gabby participates in those activities at school and after school. She especially likes listening to the music of Beyonce. As a matter of fact, Gabby wants to become a singer and dancer when she gets older, and her character just might make her a celebrity. “Gabby has a flamboyant personality,” says one of her workers. Another worker says Gabby is “friendly and upbeat.” Gabby puts her energy to work playing at the park with friends. She enjoys playing baseball with them, too. Another favorite activity is playing video games on the PlayStation and Xbox. Gabby also enjoys going to movies and swimming in pools. When it’s time to nourish herself, Gabby prefers munching on pizza, chicken or meatballs and topping it off with ice cream. With her future forever family, Gabby wants to spend time together. Gabby especially wants them to “pay attention to me and be nice.” “She would like a family to spend a lot of time with her and show her love and affection,” says Gabby’s worker.

Gabby can struggle in relationships with peers especially at home. In school, Gabby receives assistance to help her thrive.

One of her workers says Gabby “is very excited about adoption and finding a forever family.” She would do best with a mom and dad who are experienced and patient parents. “Gabby needs boundaries, limitations and consistency that more experienced parents would be able to provide for her,” says the worker. “She needs a strong parental presence and positive role models.” They also will need to make sure that Gabby receives the support services that will benefit her now and into adulthood. Finally, her worker says that Gabby needs “a loving and stable home” where she will be free to be herself.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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