Forget about having three wishes; Destiny just has one: to find a home with a future forever family. She’ll fit in well since she’s described as a funny, sweet and kind young lady who’s very polite and friendly. Destiny enjoys spending time with her foster family playing “Monopoly” and video games. Her favorite video games involve adventure, which she’s up for in real life as well. She wants to travel to Disney World one day simply because she’s never been there. When she gets older, she wants to take the educational journey to become a lawyer so she can help people. For now, Destiny is perfectly content spending time with friends, taking a nap or playing volleyball. When hunger pangs hit, she prefers pepperoni pizza. Destiny’s other favorite things include dark blue for color and dogs for animal. Her favorite movie is “Little Man” because it makes her laugh from start to finish.

Destiny has gone through a traumatic past and receives services to help her cope with it. In school, Destiny struggles but receives guidance to help her improve. She would do well with added motivation and support from a future forever family.

Destiny needs a strong, positive parent who can give her guidance. She would do best in a two-parent or single-female-parent household with no other children. Either way, Destiny will need continued services and support to deal with emotions and behaviors related to her trauma. She’ll also need careful supervision. In her forever family, Destiny would prefer older siblings and has stated a love for dogs.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.


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