Cheyenne sometimes veers from practical matters to indulge in life’s finer pleasures. For instance, she likes participating in theater and loves Shakespeare. Cheyenne loves to read and cook, and she takes a creative interest in studying craft ideas on Pinterest. Instead of red or pink as her favorite color, Cheyenne chooses turquoise. Cheyenne also loves dressing up in gowns and high heels. She wants to become a fashion model one day, but the practical side of Cheyenne points her to having her own family and becoming a mother. To help support her family, Cheyenne wants to become a police officer. Cheyenne’s practicality also applies to the common food she likes to eat such as mac ’n cheese and chicken drumsticks. This down-to-earth girls likes riding bikes, playing video games and listening to music. She loves Girl Scouts and day camps. Her favorite holidays include Easter and Christmas, which she likes to celebrate by reading the Bible on Christmas morning. One of the things she wants to do with her future forever family is attend church together along with going on vacations, perhaps even to her dream destination – Las Vegas or some other big city, bright lights locale.

Cheyenne needs a strong, positive role model. Her worker says that Cheyenne “has come a long way with using her coping skills and has a lot of insight into what has happened to her and why she reacts the way she does to certain things.” Cheyenne does best with others who are patient, calm and understanding. In school, Cheyenne receives services to help her function at her best. She says social studies is her favorite subject because she easily grasps the course’s content.

Cheyenne would do best with experienced parents, especially parents who have knowledge of child trauma and how it affects behavior and development. Her worker reported Cheyenne should be adopted by a two parent male home or a two parent female home, where Cheyenne is the oldest child. Her future forever family must ensure that Cheyenne continues to receive the services that will benefit her success. Since she loves animals, particularly horses, dogs and cats, a home with pets would be a good match for Cheyenne. Finally, her family must be open to letting Cheyenne maintain contact with her older brother.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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