She hasn’t concocted any culinary classics just yet, but Audrey might just as well don a chef’s hat. She’s learned to cook simply by being herself and wanting to spend more time in the kitchen. “Audrey is a fun girl who loves to cook and bake,” says her worker. Most importantly, Audrey dons another hat, a thinking cap that she uses to reflect on her past and learn from it to help shape her future. “Audrey has worked to overcome some significant struggles in her past,” says her worker. Audrey wants others to know that even though she’s tough mentally and emotionally, she’s still a nice person. In fact, her worker calls Audrey a “fun girl” who wants to become a cosmetologist when she gets older. She’s already working on her entrepreneurial skills by participating in Junior Achievement “where she learns different life skills,” says Audrey’s worker. She’s working on her interpersonal skills as well and enjoys playing “Yahtzee” with others and spending time with friends. Audrey also enjoys riding her bike, listening to music and doing crafts. If she had three wishes, Audrey would want a good job – so she can afford a nice house – good friends and a good family. When she’s asked about the qualities she wants in a future forever family, Audrey says she wants one who likes doing things together such as going shopping and to the beach. “She would also like a family who will allow her to ‘do normal teen things like have friends over,’” says Audrey’s worker. And a family with pets, especially the exotic variety, would be a bonus.

Audrey’s resiliency has helped her, but can struggle due to the trauma she endured. Her worker says Audrey would benefit from guidance on appropriate boundaries. In school, Audrey does well academically, and her teacher describes her as a leader who participates in class.

Audrey would do best with a mom and dad, a single female parent or two female parents. “Audrey would need experienced parents who can be both firm and understanding of her trauma history,” her worker says. Audrey also would do best as the only child in the home. Her new forever family must be strong advocates for the services that will help Audrey thrive at home and in school. They must be able to set appropriate boundaries and establish structure to help Audrey function at her best.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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