In Ashley’s “All About Me” letter, it’s clear that she’s got horse sense. After all, horses are her favorite animal, along with dolphins, and she includes horse camps in the activities that she enjoys. To top it off, she wants to become a horse trainer when she gets older. This equine-inclined kid also likes gardening, cheerleading, playing video and board games and going to the mall with friends. Her eclectic interests spill into her favorite colors, too, since she lists “lime green, hot pink, baby blue, light purple and white.” Making her laugh, however, isn’t so complex: Just a little tickle should do the trick. With her forever family, Ashley wants to go on trips, and the most important thing she wants others to know is, “I like little kids and animals.”

Despite her past, Ashley is making strides working to overcome it. She’ll need continued guidance from strong parents when her emotions take over.

Ashley says, “I would like my forever family to be nice, funny and not to yell!” She would do best with two patient and experienced parents who are staunch advocates for the services that Ashley needs to succeed at home and in school. Ashley also would do best as the only child or with siblings that are much older than her. Her future forever family must be patient as Ashley adapts to her adoption plan and transitions into her new home. Since Ashley is closely bonded with her grandmother and siblings, it is important for her to maintain at least phone contact with them.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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