Amber is an outdoors lover, and it shows in her interests and her favorite activities. When it’s warm, she likes playing on the swing set, and when it’s cold, she enjoys sloshing in the snow. Amber also loves going swimming. When she gets older, she wants to turn her love of the outdoors into a career by becoming a storm chaser. This lovable, sweet and inquisitive girl is outgoing, active and enjoys a good competition. In addition to outdoor activities, Amber enjoys playing with dolls, listening to music and reading books. One of Amber’s favorite things is her Lego Friends play sets. She particularly enjoys anything to do with werewolves, witches and other fairy tale characters, so it’s no surprise that she also likes playing with Monster High dolls. Amber’s list of favorite things includes pizza for food, bunny for animal, and pink and green for color. Her favorite subject in school is art. “Amber is very artistic and loves arts and crafts,” says her worker. “She has a silly personality and loves to tell and hear jokes.” One of the things she’d really love is a family who would take her places such as Disney World.

Amber has overcome a very difficult past and is improving. She is learning how to establish a consistent daily routine but could benefit from guidance in daily life skills. She thrives when others are very patient and able to give her one-on-one attention. Amber enjoys school and has a close bond with her teachers.

Amber wants two parents and would do best as the youngest child in the home. Her new forever family also must be strong advocates for the services that Amber needs to thrive now and into adulthood. In addition, the family must be patient, understanding and encouraging, especially when Amber is transitioning into her new home. Her family also must provide the structure and supervision that will help Amber function at her best. Finally, Amber would love to have a family who has pets, especially bunnies.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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