Girls – Michigan


Mandi    Age: 14          Waiting Since: 6-10-2020

Mandi is described as caring, curious, social and active. Some of Mandi’s favorite things to do include spending time with friends and playing cards. She also enjoys talking on the phone. Mandi hopes she can join a cheerleading team one day.


Madysun    Age: 15          Waiting Since: 6-11-2020

Madysun needs patience from her forever family, though someone close to her says, she really does want to develop relationships with adults. Madysun hopes to travel to France some day. She likes music, video games, board games and watching movies.


Elizabeth    Age: 14          Waiting Since: 8-20-2018

Elizabeth enjoys doing her hair and make up and hopes to go cosmetology school. She’s outgoing and enjoys playing Monopoly, listening to music ad hopes to visit the beach with her forever family.


Sydney    Age: 8          Waiting Since: 2-11-2019

sydney hopes to be the youngest child in a family of faith. She’s described as a bright, intelligent and insightful young lady who’s “wise beyond her years.”


McKanize    Age: 12          Waiting Since: 12-08-2016

Mckanize hopes for a mom and a dad and a brother and a sister and dogs and a cat and a bunny and to live in a neighborhood with other kids. Those are the best things in life.


Harmonie    Age: 16          Waiting Since: 5-13-2019

Harmonie wants to be a mom some day, she could use a strong a mom to learn from. She’s described as a funny girl who enjoys laughing. She hopes for a mom and pets and to be able to keep in touch with her siblings.


Kathrine    Age: 16          Waiting Since: 5-13-2019

Kathrine enjoys being strong, beautiful woman! She enjoys shopping, doing her hair and nails and putting together great outfits. She enjoys getting lost in a good book and hopes for a mom, dad, siblings and pets in her new home.


Marissa    Age: 13          Waiting Since: 6-20-2017

Marissa hopes for fun things with her forever family! Whether it’s game night, a “sleep out” in the living room or a vacations, Marissa hopes for closeness and time.


Emma     Age: 14          Waiting Since: 2-21-2018

Emma is active, caring, has a huge heart and loves to make other people laugh! She loves animals and enjoys singling along to the radio! Emma hopes for parents and older siblings.


Brittney      Age: 14          Waiting Since: 4-9-2018

Brittney calls herself bright, bubbly and energetic. Others say she is caring a person. She loves to laugh and joke around. She hopes for a family to vacation and shop with.


Joslyn      Age: 14          Waiting Since: 12-1-2016

Friendly, fun-loving, affectionate, smart and an inspiration are all ways one could describe Joslyn! This young lady has a big personality and big dreams for a future. Listen as she talks about her hopes for an adoptive family. Clearly she is not picky, she just wants one to call her own.


Bryauna       Age: 15          Waiting Since: 1-17-2018

Bryauna is a good student and a good athlete. She enjoys a good movie, especially if it makes her laugh! She also likes shopping and listening to music. This young lady could use a strong mom to guide her!


Sativa       Age: 14          Waiting Since: 2-5-2014

Sativa loves drawing, knitting and crocheting. She enjoys good food and hopes to learn how to cook. When Sativa first meets people, she can seem uneasy. Sativa would do best with a mom and a dad and a family in which she is the only or youngest child.


KATLYNN        Age: 12          Waiting Since: 1-5-2018

Katlynn is described as cheerful and able to make anyone smile! She has a great list of favorite things to do inside and outside both, whether it’s dancing or fishing, this girl is sure to want to join in!


GENNEVIEVE         Age: 11          Waiting Since: 4-16-2018

Gennevieve is a forward-thinking girl who’s always up for the next adventure. She is described as playful, energetic, independent and intelligent. She hopes for a forever family and she means forever, as she hopes her new parents will be grandparents to her children someday.


ISABELLA         Age: 14          Waiting Since: 12-11-2017

This singing, dancing, joke-telling young lady spreads joy everywhere she goes! Bella has an interesting career idea in mind and at some point in her future, she hopes to visit Los Angeles and Hollywood. She hopes for quality time with a new family.


MIRIAH         Age: 13          Waiting Since: 5-01-2017

If she had three wishes, Miriah would want a car, a mansion and lots of money. When she gets older, Miriah wants to become a nurse or doctor “and perform brain surgery,” she says. With her future forever family, Miriah looks forward to swimming and playing together.


Shantoria         Age: 14          Waiting Since: 8-13-2015

Shantoria is caring towards others and loves to help. She truly likes to make others happy by telling jokes or simply listening. One of her workers describes her personality as very fun, loving, caring and compassionate.


RACHEL          Age: 16          Waiting Since: 10-24-2012

Rachel is described as charming, affectionate and friendly. Simple things in life bring her joy. She likes animals and would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She’d like a mom and a dad and would do best as the youngest or only child.

Siblings: Kaylen & Mikayla 

Siblings: Kaylen & Mikayla

MIKAYLA          Age: 17

Mikayla hoped to be adopted with her brother  and sister. Her sister, pictured and filmed with her has aged out of foster care. Mikayla is described as outgoing and bubbly.

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