Girls – Michigan



AUDREY         Age: 14          Waiting Since: 5-10-2017

Audrey hopes for a family to have new experiences with. She’s looking forward to doing things she’s never done before. She hopes for patience, acceptance and love.




JA’LANA         Age: 15          Waiting Since: 7-20-2015

When she’s not studying, Ja’Lana enjoys playing football and participating in track. She also likes shopping, dancing, listening to music and going out to eat. Ja’Lana takes good care of herself, too, and enjoys getting her hair and nails done.




GENESIS         Age: 14          Waiting Since: 8-4-2015

One of Genesis’ favorite things to do is shopping, especially on weekends. She also likes to play board games such as “Yahtzee” and “Scattergories.” If she could travel to anywhere, Genesis would visit Paris because she believes it’s a peaceful place.




Cheyenne         Age: 16          Waiting Since: 10-28-2015

This down-to-earth girls likes riding bikes, playing video games and listening to music. She loves Girl Scouts and day camps. Her favorite holidays include Easter and Christmas, which she likes to celebrate by reading the Bible on Christmas morning.




Aliyah         Age: 13          Waiting Since: 4-28-2017

Aliyah is a chin-up kind of girl. No matter what the world throws at her, she tries her best to keep a positive attitude. Aliyah likes interacting with others and enjoys sharing a laugh with her friends.




Shantoria         Age: 14          Waiting Since: 8-13-2015

Shantoria is caring towards others and loves to help. She truly likes to make others happy by telling jokes or simply listening. One of her workers describes her personality as very fun, loving, caring and compassionate.




Dayjah         Age: 15          Waiting Since: 10-17-2014

This affectionate, nurturing, strong and resilient girl enjoys playing with animals. Dayjah also likes playing board games and looking up words in the dictionary. When she grows up, Dayjah says she wants to become a nurse.




Shenella         Age: 16          Waiting Since: 9-14-2016

When she gets older, Shenella wants to become a foster parent so “I can care for children of all ages.” With her future forever family, Shenella looks forward to spending time together, watching movies and talking about any problems family members may have.




Makayla         Age: 14          Waiting Since: 6-12-2014

Makayla is an ambitious young woman with big plans and dreams. She enjoys soccer, basketball and playing games. She also enjoys Christian rap music and going to church. Her worker says Makayla would make a good older sister.




Aerial         Age: 14          Waiting Since: 6-5-2017

Angel is smart girl who has big dreams for her future including a desire to help other children. She speaks French and wants to travel to France one day. When she’s asked about the qualities she wants in a future forever family, Angel says she wants one who accepts her and understands the struggles she has endured.




Renae         Age: 12          Waiting Since: 11-23-2015

Renae is a child full of life! Her smile and laugh are infectious. She hopes to be either a teacher or a veterinarian, careers that take a lot of patience. Her future forever family will need patience with Renae as she learns to trusts them, which will take time.




Shantaina          Age: 14          Waiting Since: 01-27-2011

Shantaina is described as shy, sweet, creative and imaginative. She loves dressing up by accessorizing and coordinating her outfits and is creative in the kitchen and likes to bake. When asked what she wants in a future forever family, Shantaina said she simply wants one who’s nice, especially a welcoming mother.





Gabby          Age: 13          Waiting Since: 05-4-2016

Gabby is a fun and energetic young lady who enjoys dancing and cheerleading. She is excited about the possibility of adoption and hopes for a home where she will be shown love and affection. She will need parents who set boundaries and are consistent.





Miyonaha          Age: 16          Waiting Since: 01-6-2017

Miyonhaha is described as thoughtful, charming and humorous. She enjoys music and good food and hopes to be a veterinarian or a scientist. Miyonaha dreams of visiting Hawaii because she likes beaches. She hopes for parents but would do best in a home with no other children.





SEDAJA          Age: 12          Waiting Since: 01-27-2015

Her foster parent describes Sedaja as a “helpful, sweet (child who) likes to learn new things.” At home and at school, her foster parent says Sedaja is “easy to get along with, loves other children and listens well.” Sedaja also enjoys roller skating, dancing and being “silly” with friends, though she has a serious side as well.





MESHIA          Age: 12          Waiting Since: 2-19-2013

Meshia likes baking, especially bread, cookies and cake. Meshia aims to please, too, especially at Christmas, which she enjoys celebrating by getting people presents and watching their eyes light up when they open their gifts. She hopes to travel to Paris someday and wants a forever mom.





RACHEL          Age: 12          Waiting Since: 10-24-2012

Rachel is described as charming, affectionate and friendly. Simple things in life bring her joy. She likes animals and would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She’d like a mom and a dad and would do best as the youngest or only child.




JOHSLIN         Age: 15        Waiting Since: 12-03-2010

When asked the most important thing she wants people to know about her, Johslin said “that I am bubbly, adventurous, and I like to try new things.” She considers herself to be a “girly-girl” and likes clothes and jewelry.



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