Girls – Michigan


Kandlyn    Age: 16          Waiting Since: 10-20-2020

Kandlyn enjoys coloring and making artwork. She loves playing outside, and in quieter times, she enjoys reading. When she gets older, Kandlyn wants to become a police officer. If she had three wishes, she would want lots of money so she can buy things for her sisters. She’d also want to be adopted. Once she finds her forever family, Kandlyn wants to watch movies and spend time with them “hanging out.”


Heather    Age: 13          Waiting Since: 2-22-2017

Heather’s list of favorite foods includes yogurt and chicken nuggets. She enjoys swimming, bowling, shopping, going for long car rides and eating at restaurants. She likes watching moves, and “Trolls” is her favorite. One of Heather’s favorite activities is playing pretend with her stuffed animals. She also enjoys coloring with chalk. Heather looks forward to spending time with her future forever family and playing together.


Journie    Age: 13          Waiting Since: 10-26-2018

Nurturing comes second nature to Journie, who longs to use those skills one day. Journie’s other favorite activities include making art, riding her bike, watching movies and pitching in around the house. She also loves reading and is great at telling stories. When she gets older, Journie wants to become a lawyer.


Harmonie    Age: 15          Waiting Since: 12-14-2017

Harmonie’s name befits her since she loves singing and dancing and listening to music. She’s an ambassador of good will, too, and is described as a very sweet girl with a good sense of humor. In addition to music, Harmonie’s other favorite things to do include relaxing, swimming, going to the movies and spending time with friends.


Zandra    Age: 17          Waiting Since: 1-22-2016

Zandra loves athletics so much that she hopes to share her interest in sports with a forever family. “Zandra is competitive and likes participating in school activities and joining sports teams. She has a bright smile that warms anyone’s heart,” says Zandra’s worker, who adds that Zandra does well academically, has good peer relations and makes friends easily.


Aiyana    Age: 13          Waiting Since: 10-8-2019

Aiyana enjoys many things, most of them the down-to-earth variety. Aiyana likes munching on cheeseburgers and fries, playing the card game Uno and spending time with family and friends while playing games and enjoying each other’s company. Aiyana loves being outdoors and going swimming. She enjoys spending time with friends while shopping, going to the movies and getting her nails done.


Leeah    Age: 9          Waiting Since: 7-20-2019

Described as a “ray of sunshine,” Leeah loves to laugh and giggle and just get silly! She loves animals, especially dogs and hopes to be the youngest child in a forever home with pets.


Mandi    Age: 14          Waiting Since: 6-10-2020

Mandi is described as caring, curious, social and active. Some of Mandi’s favorite things to do include spending time with friends and playing cards. She also enjoys talking on the phone. Mandi hopes she can join a cheerleading team one day.


Sydney    Age: 10          Waiting Since: 2-11-2019

Sydney hopes to be the youngest child in a family of faith. She’s described as a bright, intelligent and insightful young lady who’s “wise beyond her years.”


McKanize    Age: 14          Waiting Since: 12-08-2016

Kenzie, as she prefers to be called, loves playing games, especially with family and friends, and her favorite is Clue. She likes relaxing and watching movies after school, and she enjoys sleeping in and playing card games on the weekends. Kenzie takes pride in learning how to ride a bike. The most important things Kenzie wants others to know about her are that she’s smart and kind and always tries to stay positive.


Joslyn      Age: 16          Waiting Since: 12-1-2016

Friendly, fun-loving, affectionate, smart and an inspiration are all ways one could describe Joslyn! This young lady has a big personality and big dreams for a future. Listen as she talks about her hopes for an adoptive family. Clearly she is not picky, she just wants one to call her own.


Katlynn        Age: 15          Waiting Since: 1-5-2018

Katlynn is described as cheerful and able to make anyone smile! She has a great list of favorite things to do inside and outside both, whether it’s dancing or fishing, this girl is sure to want to join in!

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