If you called him Tyler the conqueror, you wouldn’t offend him, and he’ll probably conquer your heart when Tyler tells you what he takes the most pride in. “It’s how I have conquered all the things I have gone through,” Tyler says. He wants to use his experience by becoming a police officer to help children who’ve been through the same so he can assist them to come out on top, too. Tyler is an athletic young man who likes participating in basketball and playing on the baseball team. He likes dogs, the colors blue and grey and ribs and steak. On the weekends, Tyler enjoys watching movies with family and going to the park. If he had three wishes, Tyler would want to become a musician, play in the NBA and become part of a forever family. He wants families to know that he’s a creative, charismatic, funny and active young man, and he’d love spending time with them going on vacations, watching movies or celebrating the holidays together. After all that, you just might call him Tyler the great.

“Tyler is funny, outgoing, kind and caring,” says his worker. He wants others to know that “I have a kind heart,” and “I need to be in contact with those I love.” In school, Tyler might benefit from assistance, but he generally does well and says that gym is his favorite class.

Tyler would do best with a single male parent, two male parents or a mom and dad. His new parent or parents need to be experienced and trauma informed. Tyler’s new forever family must be strong advocates for the services he needs to function at his best. Tyler also would do best as the youngest or only child in his new home. Finally, his new family must be open to letting Tyler maintain his sibling relationships.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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