Even though Taevon has said he wants to become a construction worker when he gets older, he has also expressed interest in automobiles and possibly law enforcement. Cars are his favorite toy followed closely by superhero action figures. Taevon takes pride in his drawing and loves building things with Legos. In addition to a career, Taevon has plenty of other plans his future as well. The one place he most wants to visit is Hawaii but, don’t expect him to move there; Taevon likes cold weather. If Taevon had three wishes, he’d use them for lots of cars and plenty of money so he can travel in them. Of course, his first wish is learning how to drive. Taevon’s favorite activities include playing football and basketball at school and playing video games. His favorite food is cheeseburgers but he’d settle for a hamburger. His favorite subject in school is math. And his favorite colors are red, white and blue, along with green. With his future forever family, Taevon wants to spend time together playing board games or maybe even football.

Taevon can struggle with friendships, but “He is compassionate when he is in the right frame of mind,” a worker says. “Taevon’s strengths are that he is loving, and can be very helpful. He likes sharing, and he is strong-willed and determined.”

Taevon would do best with experienced parents who have the time to properly monitor and supervise him. Taevon has stated a preference for a single-male parent, and he appears to relate best to male authority. However, a two-parent forever family or a single-female parent also would be considered. Taevon needs to be the youngest or only child in the family. His family would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior and development. They also must be strong advocates for the services that will benefit Taevon’s success at home, in school and in the community. In addition, the family must be patient as Taevon builds trust with them. Finally, the family must be willing to let Taevon maintain his relationship with his siblings.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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