Rocky is a fun-loving, sweet boy and an outdoorsman at heart. His favorite activities include exploring, sledding, fishing, hunting and playing with airsoft guns, or Nerf guns. In fact, he’ll have fun doing just about anything outside. Rocky enjoys other board and card games as well. His favorite card game is “Magic: The Gathering.” He also enjoys playing video games. “Rocky has a mischievous side and enjoys teasing and coming up with pranks” adds his worker. When he interacts with others, Rocky can be very kind and thoughtful and will share what he has with his peers. When asked what he wants in a future forever family, Rocky stated a mom and a dad to love him and keep him safe.

Rocky has struggled with feelings of disappointment and abandonment. He has improved in expressing himself. Rocky does well with structure, positive affirmation and clear expectations. In school, Rocky can have a hard time focusing, but he has shown improvement in his school performance over the past year. He enjoys science and math.

Rocky’s ideal adoptive family would consist of two experienced parents who are patient, understanding and able to provide consistent structure. Rocky’s adoptive parents should be willing to help him with his need to feel in control and give him one-on-one attention. He would do best in a family who can help him cope with his past trauma. Rocky would love to have older brothers but no younger siblings. He also said he would like a family who would allow him to play with his airsoft guns and mentioned that he would like a pet. Lastly, Rocky has a relationship with his older sister and a family should be open to letting him maintain that relationship.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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