If you want to see Octavion shine, get him on a basketball court and watch him light up the scoreboard. Octavion also likes playing football, listening to music, eating pizza and drinking red pop. When asked the most important thing he wants people to know about him, Octavion says that he really wants to be part of a family again. That family will get a member who is “a well-mannered and fun-loving young man,” says his worker, who also describes Octavion as “friendly, kind, outgoing.” Indeed, this spirited boy lists writing song lyrics as his favorite weekend activity. And don’t forget basketball, something that he enjoys playing at school and with his friends. He’d especially like to share in the activities he enjoys with a new forever family.

Octavion would benefit from having a parent who could defuse situations by words and actions to help Octavion respond appropriately. In school, Octavion does best with additional assistance to help him reach his fullest potential.

Ocatavion is struggling with the idea of becoming a member of another family, but would benefit from a two-parent family with one parent who has a flexible schedule to give him the one-on-one attention he needs. Octavion would do best in a highly structured, nurturing and loving environment with experienced parents who are trustworthy, consistent, reliable, communicative, outgoing, approachable, honest, complimentary and accommodating. The adoptive family must be fierce advocates for the support services that Octavion needs to thrive now and into adulthood. Since Octavion has a strong bond with his brother Victor, it’s important that he’s allowed to maintain that relationship. He also wants to maintain his relationship with his grandmother.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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