He’s not a mutant or a monster, but Liam dreams of becoming a half-and-half species. He says that if he had three wishes, he’d want to be a Mef’wa, a creature with a human body and cat traits, cat tails and cat ears. It seems natural for Liam since he seems to be a pretty cool cat. He says he tries to eat healthy and favors salad, but he’ll munch on pizza at times. Liam participates in soccer and likes playing Frisbee and volleyball when spending time with friends. Liam’s favorite after-school activities are doing homework and playing with his yo-yo. Liam enjoys playing with toys and games as well and counts Pokemon, Magic, Legos, Minecraft and Star Wars action figures among his favorites. If he could visit anywhere, Liam would travel to Japan. “I want to learn all about it,” he says. When he gets older, Liam wants to become an engineer, which seems highly possible since he does well in school and has been on the honor roll. On his list of favorite things, Liam includes the wolf and the colors red, black and blue. Liam describes himself as talkative and outgoing, and he takes pride in making friends.

Liam receives help to manage his feelings. When he helps around the house, Liam “likes chores that challenge him,” says his worker. Liam likes school and says that he can’t pick a favorite subject because he likes them all.

Liam prefers a forever family with two parents, but his worker is open to all types of families. His new parent or parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child. Liam’s new forever family must make sure he receives the services he needs. The family also must be open to letting Liam maintain his sibling relationships.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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