Keegan is an adventurous boy who’s always willing to learn and try new things. His new interests include learning about football and basketball, and he’s even learning how to cook. “He would say that he is good at baking and cooking,” says Keegan’s worker. This curious and inquisitive young man loves science and scientific activities and has stated a desire to become a scientist and an engineer when he gets older. “He recently made up his own language,” says Keegan’s worker. As one might expect, Keegan enjoys playing on the computer, and he loves any strategy game, especially “Stratego.” Since he’s so scientific, Keegan seems well on his way toward his dream to “be the smartest person on Earth.” However, he is a down-to-earth kid who looks out for the best interest of others. “Keegan is a polite, well-mannered young man who likes to help others,” says his worker. “Keegan is helpful to his peers and will assist them with schoolwork.” Despite being quite scientific, Keegan is creative as well. He likes writing poetry and drawing. “Keegan reads a lot and will often discuss the latest books that he has read,” says his worker. “Keegan likes reading fantasy and science fiction.” Although Keegan seems to have an exciting life, he’s still missing an important part to make it more fulfilling; he longs for a forever family, one would like to travel to fun destinations and eat dinner together every night.

Everyone who comes in contact with Keegan calls him a great kid. Sure, he has his moments, but they’re “few and far between,” says Keegan’s worker. He interacts well with peers and adults. “Keegan is genuine,” says his worker. He works hard at school and shows he knows the subject matter by being an eager participant in the classroom.

Keegan prefers one parent, but he’d do best with two. Either way, he needs a patient and experienced parent or parents who have knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior and development. His parent or parents must be strong advocates for the services that will help Keegan thrive at home and in school. His new parent or parents must establish strong, clear and consistent boundaries and expectations. In addition, Keegan does best when there’s consistency and routine in his life, so a stable and structured home environment would be ideal. Finally, Keegan would do best as the youngest or only child in his new forever family.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.


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