The world could use more super heroes and if you can wait long enough, it might be Kaleb who comes to your rescue! Kaleb wants to become Captain America, or some other Marvel comics superhero, so he can – in his words – “be a person who saves people.” Kaleb’s hobby is collecting Marvel comic book characters, and he loves showing his collection to others. Despite his dreams of saving the world, this wannabe Captain America settles these days for helping around the house. In school, he turns his superhero powers to math, which is his favorite subject. Even though he can have difficulty in school, his worker says, “Kaleb enjoys learning about new things.” She adds that Kaleb’s other attributes include being loving and thoughtful.Kaleb has been known to turn his attention to ordinary pursuits such as solving puzzles and playing trivia games. Kaleb likes to play video games and shoot hoops, too, but he insists that Marvel Avengers are his favorite toy or game. When he’s ready to re-fuel his superhero powers, it’s pizza he prefers. He shows he’s only human as well by admitting that he loves watching TV after school. When he spends time with friends, Kaleb shows his best characteristic, superhero or otherwise, which is “sharing things with them.” His worker says Kaleb describes himself as a caring, loving boy who “enjoys helping others.” If his superpowers could grant him wishes, Kaleb would want to be in his own home and “in a loving family.”

Kaleb has expressed a preference for a forever family with a mom and dad. As he has experienced trauma, Kaleb could use strong parents who support him while he processes his past and who advocate for the continued services that will help him. He would do best with two experienced parents and should be the only or youngest child in a family. A family pet could be therapeutic for Kaleb, his worker said.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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GMH child info

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