He isn’t wearing a crown, but Jordan swears that he’s a king just the same. If so, then his palace must have a gymnasium and athletic field since Jordan likes being active in sports and dreams of joining a basketball team someday. He might even engage the royal subjects in a game of catch or air hockey. Jordan also loves football. His royal subjects can rest easy knowing that Jordan does the same at night, his worker says, along with eating well. When Jordan wants to eat royally, he digs into pizza, lasagna and vegetables, but only a court jester would bring him broccoli. He also dislikes green beans but “tolerates” peas. Even royalty needs to go to school, where Jordan excels in math and science. This king shows he’s a regular kid who loves drawing and coloring, and he’s not an overbearing monarch, either, since he’s loving, caring and sensitive toward others. “I love to help people … When my friends are struggling, I’m like ‘hey, what’s up?’ I might as well help them try to get through it.’”

Like other kings, Jordan doesn’t like someone talking about him behind his back. Jordan has anxiety due to the recent losses he experienced and the uncertainty about his future.

Jordan would do best with two experienced parents who can serve as role models. He has fragile moments, but is insightful and loving, and he’s anxious for a forever family to help him move forward in his life. His family must be strong advocates for the services Jordan will need. Jordan can be placed with other children. Jordan prefers a family who’s active and who will allow him to participate in sports. Lastly, Jordan has strong bond with his younger brother, so maintaining that relationship will be important to him

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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