Jeremiah is an outgoing and fun-loving child who loves to make others laugh by using his great sense of humor. He likes interacting with peers, gets along well with other kids and has lots of friends. Jeremiah loves sports and recently was on a football team. He also enjoys playing basketball, riding his bike and being outside.

Jeremiah responds to a well-structured rewards and consequence system when he is frustrated, so he will need a patient adoptive family who can model and teach positive coping skills. Jeremiah does best when given simple and direct instructions instead of multiple tasks to perform at once.

Jeremiah wants a fun and active forever family and would do well with one or two experienced parents who can provide Jeremiah with the attention he needs. Jeremiah would benefit by being placed in an adoptive home with an older sibling who can be a role model or mentor to him. Most importantly, Jeremiah will need stability and structure along with continued services to help him function at his best at home and in school. Finally, Jeremiah has stated a preference for a family lives on a farm and owns horses.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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