Javon has perfect 20-20 “kid vision.” He can spot the primo children’s meal, mac and cheese, which just happens to be his favorite. He recognizes one of the ideal kids’ after-school activity and even does it himself, playing sports. He especially likes playing hockey, basketball and baseball. Javon also enjoys playing dodge ball and riding scooters. Oh sure, he’s got plans for a career as an adult – becoming a teacher. However, he still plans to sip from the fountain of youth as long as he can while enjoying typical kid things such as playing video games – those related to “Finding Nemo” appear to be his favorites – and watching TV. Javon says that what makes him laugh is “bouncing on a red ball.” His worker says Javon enjoys coloring, drawing and playing cards. This forever kid longs for a forever family so they can do fun things together such as shopping and enjoying sports together.

One of Javon’s workers calls him an outgoing, friendly kid with some behavior issues likely related to the trauma he has experienced, yet he has a frequent smile and enjoys sharing laughs with others. In school, Javon requires assistance to function at his best.

Javon would do best with one or two experienced parents who can give him the attention he needs to function at his best, ensure that Javon’s needs will be met, be understanding of his needs and behavior, and they must be fierce advocates to make sure Javon gets the services that will benefit his success now and into adulthood.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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