Outdoor lovers will enjoy having Jason as a member of their family. He likes spending time outdoors so much that he hopes for a forever family who’ll take him camping and fishing. Toss in family game nights playing Monopoly and Jason will be on his way to blissful Boardwalk via the Reading Railroad. In other words, pretty much close to seventh heaven. In addition to board games, Jason loves sports and enjoys watching and participating in basketball and football. Movies are another favorite pastime along with solving puzzles and playing video games about cars. Even though he’s uncertain about a career choice, it’s easy to see Jason succeed at anything he chooses since he does so well in school, where algebra is his favorite subject. This smart and hard-working young man wants to travel to “awesome parks.” Jason longs for a family who’ll help him gain his independence yet spend quality time with him.Ask Jason what he’s most proud of and he’ll say himself as well he should, based on what others say about him: “Jason is a sweet and kind young man. He is very quiet and shy until he is comfortable around you. Once Jason is comfortable, he laughs and jokes around, and he builds rapport with others easily.”

A two-parent forever family would suit Jason best, but a one-parent household with a strong support network would be considered. His new parent or parents should be patient and strong advocates for the services Jason needs to thrive. In addition, Jason would do best as the only child in his new forever family. Finally, it is recommended that Jason be allowed to maintain his sibling relationships.

For more information about or to meet this child, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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