Activity rules Jaquez’s world as he plans ways to get his body going. He likes going outside, riding bikes and going skateboarding. When he’s indoors, Jaquez might build a skyscraper with Legos or conquer the world playing a video game. If he could visit anywhere, Jaquez would go to an amusement park and board as many rides as possible. When he’s done, Jaquez might munch on his favorite food, Brussel sprouts. Jaquez also derives pleasure from helping others. “Jaquez has wonderful manners and likes to hold doors for ladies,” says his worker. “Jaquez is very likeable and a joy to be around. Jaquez is also very insightful and protective of others. He has a great sense of humor, and he is very creative and imaginative.” Jaquez imagines joining the military or being a paramedic when he gets older so he can help others. If he had three wishes, Jaquez would use all of them for a forever family. “More than anything in the world, Jaquez wants to be part of a family,” says one of his workers. When he imagines his future forever family, Jaquez dreams of one who enjoys doing fun things together such as going camping.

“Jaquez is learning to express his emotions in a positive way and is learning self-soothing techniques,” says his worker. Jaquez reacts best to structure and routine. “Jaquez does well at home when his feelings are validated and he is offered appropriate choices,” says his worker. When he does struggle at times with behavior, Jaquez responds well to redirection. In school, Jaquez receives assistance to help him stay focused and complete assignments.

Jaquez prefers a forever family with a mom and dad. He would do best as the youngest child in his new family. His family must be able to establish proper boundaries and provide structure and consistency. They must be patient as Jaquez transitions into his new home. Finally, Jaquez wants a family who has a dog, and his worker says having a pet in the home could benefit him.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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