Just as a fisherman never has too many lures, James can’t have too much knowledge. He’s a sponge for information who does so well academically that he’s above his grade level for reading, math and science, which makes him very proud. James is “extremely smart and does well in school,” says his worker. His quest for knowledge spills into his future ambitions. When he gets older, James wants to become a paleontologist so he can dig up dinosaur bones. He also dreams of visiting the Amazon’s jungle animals and the rivers with piranhas. If James had three wishes, one would go towards being smarter. He’d use the other two to become successful and to own lots of toys, particularly his favorites, Legos and Xbox. James loves playing “Call of Duty” and “Minecraft 2.” On the weekends, James loves going outside, playing on a playground or climbing a tree just so he can sit in it. “He is curious about everything around him,” says one of his workers “and likes to explore and dig holes.”

James is receiving services to help with behavior and is making progress! His new parents should plan to continue these services. He’s also showing improvement in peer relationships and has even said he’s made lots of new friends. James needs help with basic skills and could benefit from someone modeling those for him.

James would do best in a household with two experienced parents who can provide the supervision and attention that he needs. James would do best as the only child in his forever family, and even though he wants a home with pets, his workers say it would not be a good fit at this time. James also has stated a preference for a mom and dad who live in a rural area.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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