When he talks about his future, Jacob aims high. His goals not only include finishing high school and enrolling in college but also earning a doctorate degree. Jacob hopes to become either a police officer or a veterinary technician when he gets older. Jacob wants to travel, too, and lists Florida as his dream destination. “I want to see the Everglades,” he says. Of course, Jacob enjoys his boyhood and likes playing sports such as basketball. He likes shooting hoops after school and with his friends. Jacob also enjoys playing “Monopoly” and cards. When it’s time to fuel up, Jacob likes to munch on burritos and pizza. In fact, if he had his wish, he’d order “never-ending pizza to eat that does not get cold.” He’d probably eat it on green, yellow and red plates since those are his favorite colors. Jacob’s favorite animals include dogs, tigers, lions, bears, sharks, coyotes, wolves and zebras. On the weekends, Jacob loves to sleep in and he enjoys his free time.

Although he dreams big about his adult years, Jacob still longs for a forever family now. “Jacob wants very much to be adopted,” says his worker. When you meet Jacob for the first time, it might take him some time to warm up to you. “Jacob is quiet and reserved when he first meets new people,” the worker says. “But as he gets to know you he is very talkative and a good listener. He is respectful.” And that’s the kind of future child any family could enjoy.

Jacob generally gets along well with others. “Jacob does not have any behavioral issues. He is compliant and cooperative in the foster home and at school.” Jacob does well in school and has good peer relationships. He lists English and writing as his favorite subjects in school.

“Jacob is a resilient young man” says his worker. “He has experienced many losses in his life but he seems to be coping well and continues to have hope that he will someday be adopted.”

Jacob would do best with two experienced parents, specifically a positive male role model, in his future forever family.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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