Geno sometimes resides in a dream world of Warriors, Wizards and Magic. There are Hawks, Raptors, Hornets and Grizzlies lurking about, and Kings and Cavaliers sometimes rule. That’s because Geno wants to turn his dream world into reality by becoming a member either of one of those National Basketball Association teams or another one. “Geno loves to play basketball,” says his worker. “He envisions himself playing basketball in college and hopes to land a spot in the NBA.” Geno also enjoys football, and he wants others to know that he’s good at sports. In addition to his athleticism on the field and court, Geno displays his brain power in the classroom, and he wants others to know he’s smart. “Geno is proud of his academic success,” his worker says. Geno’s pride and intelligence can take him far, such as becoming a firefighter in addition to his NBA dreams. For now, this kind and quiet teen relishes the things that others his age do such as playing video games. His favorite is “Call of Duty.” And even though he’s not exactly enamored with animals, Geno takes care of the sheep and horses that his current caregivers own, and he participates in 4-H. Some of Geno’s favorite things include the color red, chicken tenders and fries, and Christmas and Halloween. One day, he hopes to return to the Mall of American to enjoy the rides and possibly shop for new athletic shoes. When he’s asked about the qualities he wants in a new forever family, Geno says he wants one who likes sports, and he wants them to encourage his passion for sports.

Geno displays some behavior linked to the significant trauma that he endured and will benefit from services to help him process his emotions regarding his past. When he first meets people, he can be quiet, but his worker describes him as a respectful boy. “Geno is helpful to others and is a caring young man,” says the worker. In school, Geno tries to manage his behavior and his academics. His worker believes Geno can achieve remarkable success “if he applies himself.”

Geno would do best with a single dad or a mom and dad who have knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child. Geno should be the youngest child in the family. His new family must be patient and accepting of Geno as he adapts to his home environment. They also must be strong advocates for the services that will help Geno thrive at home and in school. Finally, his family must be open to letting Geno resume contact with his siblings if he desires.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.


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