Draven wants to experience the great outdoors. He dreams of learning to hunt and fish, preferably with his future forever family teaching him. When Draven gets to be an adult, he wants to become a Navy Seal or a CIA agent “to save the country.” This big dreamer wants to travel to Lego Land because “they have cool rides.” On weekends, you might find Draven coloring pictures of superheroes, Batman, Superman or Star Wars figures. Or, you might find him playing video games, something he also likes to do after school. In fact, Draven dreams of owning his own PlayStation 4 game console someday … along with a dirt bike. With his future forever family, Draven not only wants to hunt and fish, but he also would like to watch YouTube videos together or have a family game night playing video games.

Draven can be shy, but once he gets to know a person he is very outgoing. Draven prides himself in making better choices regarding his behavior and might struggle sometimes in school, but is receiving help to improve his performance. He reports that he likes school, especially math.

Even though Draven has had disappointments in the past, he still wants to be part of a family. He would do best with two experienced parents who can give him the supervision and one-on-one attention that he needs. Draven should be the youngest child in the home. His family should be willing to educate themselves about and advocate for the types of services that will help Draven thrive throughout his childhood.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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GMH child info

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