Dominique can’t get enough of sports or sleep. Dominique says that he wants to play basketball the rest of his life, but he also wants to sleep until he’s 24. He lists sports as his favorite activity and sleep as his favorite thing to do on the weekend. He likes to celebrate the holidays by playing as well as sleeping. Still, Dominique’s waking hours are nothing to yawn about. He helps out with chores. He participates in sports and takes pride in being a fast runner. When asked what he’s most proud of, Dominique says when his basketball team went to the state championship. Dominique’s favorite subject in school is math. Dominique admits to being “always hungry,” and he enjoys delicious food, listing fried chicken, noodles and macaroni and cheese as his favorites. He likes watching TV, particularly sports, and playing video games. Although Dominique is quiet child, he opens up once he gets to know people. “He has a quick wit and is a very kind child,” says his worker. “He’s a very polite young man, who gets along with his peers well” she adds. With his future forever family, Dominique says he simply wants to “have fun.”

Dominique recognizes the need to do a better job with his behavior. His worker says Dominique does best with structure. Since Dominique has endured a good deal of trauma, he requires services to help him process and cope with his past. In school, Dominique is a capable student who has received services in the past to help him perform at his best. His worker says, “He’s also very smart and hard working.”

Dominique would do best with two parents who can provide the level of attention and supervision that he needs to flourish. The support of an additional adult in the home is recommended. In addition, Dominique would benefit from having a strong and positive male role model who’ll take the time to bond with Dominique. Dominique also should be the only or youngest child in the family. His future forever family should be extremely patient as Dominique works through his past trauma. The family must be fierce advocates for the services that will help Dominique function at his best. Dominique has stated a preference for a family who enjoys sports.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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