Daniel is both a good sport and good at them. He enjoys playing baseball, basketball and football, and he loves talking to friends about sports. Playing sports is his favorite after-school activity. When he gets older, Daniel wants to become a professional athlete. “If I am not able to play sports, I would like to be a physical therapist for sports,” he says. Daniel is not only athletic but also intelligent and insightful. He says that although he’s been through difficult times, “I want people to know that with help I will be all right.” This level-headed young man likes playing video games and telling jokes with friends. Daniel enjoys going to the beach and watching bon fires, especially on the weekends. He likes all major holidays so he can spend quality family time and eat quality food. Daniel’s favorite food is pizza rolls, and his favorite animals are dogs. If he could visit anywhere as an adult, Daniel would like to travel to Las Vegas “to see what all the excitement is in the city that never sleeps.” One of Daniel’s biggest wishes is “to be adopted by parents who will love me unconditionally.” He hopes his new forever family will “get to know each other” and perhaps travel together.

As he should, Daniel takes the most pride in being himself and “being a kid who has been through a lot and still smiles through it all,” he says. Others agree with him in a big way. “Daniel has a good sense of humor and is well-mannered, funny, silly at times and always smiling,” one of his close acquaintances says. He’s also described as a good kid who’s quiet and easygoing.

Daniel asked that the potential adoptive family understand that “I am a child looking for parent(s) to love me and provide me with the proper care to make sure I am successful in life. I am looking to move forward with the right family.” His new parent or parents should be fierce advocates for the services that will help Daniel. A forever family who has dogs would be a big bonus for Daniel since he does well with them and has cared for them in the past.

For more information about or to meet this child, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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