Cody (Avont)


Get Avont, who goes by Cody, on the dance floor and he’ll delight you with his moves. When he gets older, Cody wants to become a professional hip-hop dancer. Cody loves everything related to music including dancing to it and listening to it. Or, as he puts it, “pretty much anything that’s chill.” If the dance gig doesn’t work out, Cody wants to become a professional DJ. He also wants to work with kids one day. He enjoys being outdoors and playing basketball. When he’s inside, Cody likes participating in art projects and coloring. When Cody’s hunger pangs hit, he prefers quelling them with sloppy joes. When he first meets people, Cody tends to be quiet, but once he gets to know them, he is very warm and inviting. Since he is quite shy, sometimes people get the wrong impression of Cody. “Cody likes to explain himself as being outgoing and fun,” says his worker. “He wants people to know that he is misjudged and a good kid.”

Cody can have difficulty expressing his emotions through positive outlets. He is working on improving his performance at school and will need continued support in this area to ensure he can reach his full potential. He is continuously working to improve his interactions with others and understanding personal boundaries and space.

The future forever family for Cody must be strong advocates at school to help maximize his performance. Cody wants a family who will be active listeners and share his passions with him. It would be in Cody’s best interest if he were the youngest or only child in the home. Because Cody remains very attached to his younger siblings, he may wish to maintain contact with them. Finally, the family must be very dedicated to Cody and continue and seek out any support services that have a positive effect on his development.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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