Christopher “CJ”



One of his workers sums up Christopher the best by saying that he’s “a keeper.” Christopher is eager to please, too, and enjoys receiving attention, praise and gifts from adults. This creative and active boy counts basketball as one of his favorite activities. “I am good at basketball,” he says. He not only takes pride in his basketball skills but also in his football ability and dreams of playing it as a future career. When he’s not shooting hoops or catching footballs, Christopher enjoys playing video games on the Xbox. He also likes rapping and playing with his friends. In addition to his basketball and football skills, Christopher is excellent at gymnastics, and he’s interested in learning karate and tae kwon do. With a future forever family, Christopher would like to go out and play sports and video games.

Although Christopher is quiet and distant at first, he can be engaging and talkative with adults when he gets comfortable. Christopher does require constant monitoring. He has difficulty with behaviors and emotions but has shown some improvement. Christopher also struggles in school.

Christopher would do best in a one- or two-parent family who has a lot of attention to focus on him. The family must be fully committed to Christopher even when his behavior is challenging. They must be willing to help him work through his feelings about the loss that he’s experienced. His family also must advocate for the services that will help Christopher thrive at home and in school. Lastly, his family must be willing to let Christopher maintain his relationship with his siblings.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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