He might be young, but Brendon is a handyman. He likes doing yard work, and he enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together. “He catches on quickly to things he’s shown such as working on cars and woodshop,” says Brendon’s worker. In fact, Brendon takes pride in being handy. “I am able to pick up tasks — woodshop or working with my hands – quickly,” he said. When he gets older, Brendon hopes to put his handyman skills to work by becoming a welder or auto mechanic. At school, he likes participating in the employment training program, and his favorite after-school activity is going to work. Brendon’s other favorite things include camo, the colors pink, purple and green and pizza. His favorite animals are horses and dogs. Brendon likes playing with the Xbox along with his Hot Wheels cars. On the weekends, Brendon kicks back by shopping or going to the movies. If he had three wishes, Brendon would want to get his driver’s license, own a Ford Raptor and go traveling in it. The place he most wants to visit is Tennessee. “I’ve been there before, and it’s beautiful,” Brendon says. “The mountains are beautiful, and it would be fun to go back.” With his future forever family, Brendon wants to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures such as going to the beach or being outside in the winter. “Just having fun together,” he says.

His worker calls Brendon an “extremely friendly and charismatic” young man who has a great sense of humor and a strong work ethic. In school, Brendon receives assistance to help him stay on task. He says math, gym and history are his favorite subjects in school.

His worker is open to all types of parental options, but Brendon prefers to have a mom and dad. His worker says that Brendon would do best as the only or youngest child in his new forever family. His new parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior and development. His family also must make sure that Brendon receives the services that will help him excel at home and in school. Finally, his new family must be open to letting Brendon maintain contact with his sister.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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