Andrew O.



When it’s cold outside, you’ll find Andrew researching to find out when the warmth returns. He likes watching the news to get weather updates and loves learning about clouds and climate and the reasons for seasonal changes. In fact, Andrew dreams of turning his weather wisdom into a career as a meteorologist when he’s an adult. This weather aficionado brings sunshine on any cloudy day. After all, his worker says, “He is really such a sweet kid,” and he likes nothing better than gift-giving. In fact, he thinks about things he can make weeks in advance of giving them to people as Christmas presents. Some of Andrew’s other joys include playing with action figures, going swimming and to the movies, helping around the house and eating at a Chinese buffet to sample anything he wants such as his favorites, sweet and sour chicken and wonton soup. On the weekends, Andrew likes to go to church and help people run their errands. If Andrew could have three wishes, he says he’d want to “find the right family, have a big family, (and) make a new friend.” With his forever family, Andrew simply wants to go out to eat, hang out with the whole family and love them.

To function at his best, Andrew needs a consistent routine with expectations explained to him in advance, otherwise he becomes anxious. At school, Andrew works hard and does well academically. He enjoys going to school and reports that his favorite subject is math because he loves solving problems.

Andrew would do best in a forever family with a mother and father in a home in which he is the only child or youngest with other adult children. His family will need patience. Again, consistency is the key for Andrew. He thrives on consistent routines and clear expectations, and he strives to please others when he can. One of Andrew’s requests is that his family has a pet, particularly a cat. His worker believes that a pet would be great therapy for Andrew especially as he transitions into his new home.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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