Andrew N.



Andrew wants super powers and super adventures. He wishes he could fly and have “lasers coming out of my eyes.” Andrew wants to go into outer space, too, and he dreams of traveling to Disney World or Disneyland because “I want to see the Disney characters and ride the rides,” he said. In contrast to his Disney dreams, Andrew enjoys life’s simpler pleasures. For instance, he enjoys going outside and playing football. When he’s indoors, Andrew enjoys watching movies and sports. Like many boys, Andrew’s favorite color is blue. At supper, Andrew would love to savor some chicken nuggets and afterwards he’d help clear the table and perhaps get ready to play video games. His simple pleasures carry over to Christmas, too, because he enjoys opening presents. And the most important things Andrew wants people to know about him seem simple yet succinct such as that he’s nice, kind and trustworthy. When he gets older, Andrew wants to become a mechanic. For now, he wants a forever family, one who will enjoy the kinds of adventures and amusement parks that he does.

Andrew has made a lot of progress and has shown great improvement in his current placement. Andrew wants to have relationships and closeness with people but can still have difficulty doing so because of his past trauma. Andrew is working very hard to develop appropriate coping skills to manage his emotions when he becomes overwhelmed or frustrated. He responds best to redirection and cues from adults about appropriate behavior. At school, he benefits from additional assistance to help him reach his fullest potential.

Andrew would do best with two experienced parents who can provide the attention, supervision and support that would help Andrew thrive in his new home. He should be the youngest or only child in the home. The family must have patience and an understanding of Andrew’s traumatic past, which would help with his transition into an adoptive home. His family must be willing participants in and advocates for the services that would benefit Andrew.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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