Boys – Michigan


DaShawn   Age: 15    Waiting Since:  4-28-2021

Helping with projects such as repairing cars represents one of DaShawn’s favorite things to do. If he’s not fixing things, then he’s building things. He loves sports and likes playing football and participating in wrestling. In addition to his athleticism, DaShawn takes pride in his intelligence and the ease in which he can interact with others. This social young man enjoys spending time with his friends. He describes himself as not only intelligent and athletic but also outgoing.


Jacob   Age: 14    Waiting Since:  4-22-2020

Jacob takes pride in his dirt bike skills and loves riding ATVs as well,- but he enjoys other, non-motorized modes of transportation such as snowboards, skateboards and bikes. He also enjoys golf, football and basketball. In quieter times, Jacob likes playing video games and building things with Legos. In the future, he hopes for a forever family and says he looks forward to doing fun things outside the house together.


Oscar   Age: 9    Waiting Since: 7-13-2017

This energetic and athletic young boy loves sports, playing outside and going swimming and to the park. Oscar likes riding bikes and jumping on a trampoline. He’s an adventuresome young lad who enjoys going to the zoo and to the beach. In the winter, Oscar likes going sledding. On his list of favorite things, Oscar includes the color red and chicken and macaroni.


Darion   Age: 14    Waiting Since: 1-27-2020

Darion an adventuresome soul and a deep forest might be one of the places Darion most wants to visit since he says, “I want to go somewhere no one else has traveled before.” Just think of the discoveries one could make, says Darion, who also wants to travel to the moon. Darion is a kind and persistent young man who has a big heart. Darion takes pride in himself, which he should because he’s an easygoing and humorous young man.


Devon   Age: 15    Waiting Since: 3-11-2019

Devon is a curious young man and loves to work with his hands,” says a close acquaintance. In addition to caring for animals, Devon helps out in other ways around the house.


Josiah   Age: 14    Waiting Since: 12-16-2019

Josiah is described as very athletic and really enjoys playing both football and basketball. In fact, he hopes to end up playing in the NFL or NBA. Josiah hopes his forever family enjoys video games and has pets.


Cal   Age: 14    Waiting Since: 4-12-2018

Cal loves interacting with others, enjoys life’s simple pleasures and likes helping around the house. He loves sports and enjoys playing basketball. Cal also enjoys playing video games on his XBox, going to church and he enjoys good food.


Dustin   Age: 17    Waiting Since: 2-24-2020

It’s all about Harry Potter for Dustin! It’s his favorite story/series/movie, etc.! In addition to learning as much about the series and characters as he can, Dustin also likes video games, particularly Minecraft and Roblox.


Jason   Age: 15    Waiting Since: 1-6-2021

Jason likes spending time outdoors so much that he hopes for a forever family who’ll take him camping and fishing. He also hopes for family game night as he enjoys the game Monopoly. Jason also likes sports, especially basketball and football.


Daniel   Age: 15    Waiting Since: 4-8-2020

Daniel enjoys playing baseball, basketball and football, and he loves talking to friends about sports. He also enjoys video games, the beach and bon fires. He hopes for a forever family who lives in the city and likes to travel.


Jared   Age: 11    Waiting Since: 7-15-2019

Jared is an intuitive young lad who’s acute at sensing others’ emotions. Jared enjoys fine motor activities, and he likes playing with sensory-based toys such as fidget spinners. One of his biggest joys comes from reading.


Jacob   Age: 16    Waiting Since: 8-23-2017

You’re likely to get the star treatment when Jacob meets you. After all, he enjoys meeting and spending time with others, and he’s described as a joy to be around. Jacob needs experienced parents and should be the youngest child in the home.


Jalen   Age: 12    Waiting Since: 5-11-2016

Jalen likes roller skating and the game Apples to Apples. He’s described as sweet, lovable and charismatic. He likes Huskies and hopes to have one one day. With his future forever family, Jalen hopes to play lots of games!


Jackson   Age: 10    Waiting Since: 2-27-2018

For Jackson, life is more fun because Spiderman is in it! Whether watching his favorite super hero fight crime, or having his action figures do it, Spiderman is Jackson’s fave! He hopes for a mom more than anything and he also hopes for the love of a cat and a dog!


Jacob   Age: 15    Waiting Since: 9-25-2012

Jacob loves football and the outdoors. He hopes for rural living. Some of his favorties include Batman, Legos, and horses. With his future forever family, Jake wants to go fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, tubing and snowmobiling. He needs experienced and understanding parents.


Travion   Age: 13    Waiting Since: 9-30-2019

Travion loves drawing and takes pride in his skill, and one of the people who knows him well describes Travion as a talented artist. Other than that, it’s basketball, video games, pizza and waffles. He hopes for a mom and a dad and family with pets.


Asher   Age: 14    Waiting Since: 2-5-2020

Star Wars, Sponge Bob, Pokemon, Legos and Minecraft are among Asher’s favorites. He enjoys listening to music, watching movies or riding his bike. Asher hopes for siblings and a family with a cat!


Carson   Age: 15    Waiting Since: 5-29-2019

Carson is described as imaginative. He enjoys basketball and playing video games. He’ll fit into just about family as long as he’s the youngest child.


Roland   Age: 12    Waiting Since: 4-11-2019

Roland is friendly, kind, and social. He still enjoys using his imagination to play with action figures or he enjoys sitting around the table and playing games. He’d really like a forever family with a dog!


Emmanuel   Age: 12    Waiting Since: 5-22-2017

Emmanuel is a sweet and imaginative boy. He likes to read, watch movies and TV and play video games to fuel his imagination. He needs a forever home that thrives on routine.


Gilbert   Age: 15        Waiting Since: 4-22-2020

Gilbert is described as having a great sense of humor. He enjoys being around his friends. He enjoys boxing and MMA and hopes to make a profession out of it. In the meantime, Gilbert could use a great male role model in his life.


Robert   Age: 16        Waiting Since: 12-17-2015

Robert is described as funny, outgoing, very personable, laid back, loving and a great role model for other youth. He hopes for a stable family who is open to him keeping his relationships with his siblings.


Omario   Age: 15        Waiting Since: 3-6-2019

It’s all about basketball for sports-minded Omario. This young man needs an active family who enjoys playing, watching, and participating in sports at every level!


Robert      Age: 14        Waiting Since: 8-7-2017

Robert has a quick wit and enjoys making others laugh and smile. A person close to him calls Robert a comedic young man whose biggest passion is fire trucks.


Brendan      Age: 16        Waiting Since: 3-15-2018

Brendan is described as a sweet and caring kid who cares for others more than he does himself. He hopes to help others live better lives when he grows up.


Cody      Age: 15        Waiting Since: 4-21-2016

Cody’s favorite things to do include swimming, playing with Legos, playing football, flying his drone and going to trampoline parks. If you ask him what he’s most proud of, Cody says that he’s fast and strong.


Devin      Age: 16        Waiting Since: 7-25-2019

Devin, or DJ, as he likes to be called, is a wonderful teen who describes himself as an easygoing boy and who takes pride in who he is. This outgoing, active, smart teen is sure to make you smile!


Jordan      Age: 17       Waiting Since: 3-13-2015

Jordan has grown up a lot since we first met him nearly six ago and he is STILL waiting and hoping for adoption. He’s an outdoor enthusiast who hopes to see some our country’s greatest mountains.


Justin       Age: 14       Waiting Since: 5-2-2018

He might come across as a little shy, but once this young man gets to know you, his real personality will shine. Justin is described as funny, generous, outgoing and someone who gets along with everyone. There’s nothing he wants more than to belong.


Lazeric       Age: 17        Waiting Since: 8-31-2018

Lazeric is described as sweet, polite and well-mannered. He enjoys sports, especially basketball. He enjoys eating out at Taco Bell. He thrives on one-on-one attention and is great at math.


Kevin       Age: 14        Waiting Since: 6-17-2016

Kevin is really a rather quiet young man. He’s described as someone who sits back and observes and contemplates. He enjoys playing all kinds of games and can be rather competitive! He hopes for a mom, to be an only child and for someone who will enjoy playing games with him.


Dylan        Age: 16       Waiting Since: 7-24-2015

Dylan is shy at first, but he’ll open up and show you the kind, caring compassionate person he is. He’s described as happy and energetic. He could really use two parents to give him the attention and structure he craves!


Joshua          Age: 12        Waiting Since: 7-4-2016

Joshua is a very smart kiddo! He enjoys being active and playing outdoors or doing sports. He absolutely loves pizza! He can be shy, but This loving, outgoing boy wants a future forever family so they can get along and play nice together.


Kenneth          Age: 15        Waiting Since: 4-8-2013

While we love these kiddos, we don’t necessarily want to see them grow up. This is Kenneth’s second GMH video. Kenneth is a very loving and affectionate child who is also really playful! He likes to laugh at jokes and dress silly. Kenneth would do best with two experienced parents who can give him the one-on-one attention he needs to be successful.


Jayden      Age: 11       Waiting Since: 10-20-2017

Jayden loves the outdoors, especially when he finds some bugs to play with. Jayden also loves coloring, drawing pictures and reading. He loves animals so much that he dreams of having some when he finds his future forever family.


Darius       Age: 16        Waiting Since: 11-15-2013

Darius needs a family that can offer him a solid and consistent routine as that is how he’ll be the most successful. This young man has the ability to form strong bonds with those he grows to.


Jacob       Age: 10        Waiting Since: 3-1-2016

Jacob has a joke for you… check out his video, he’ll make you smile! This young man is described as spirited and spunky! He likes to build with Legos and blocks. He hopes for a mom and a dad and two brothers and two sisters and … well, let’s just say that Jacob hopes for a big family!


Charles        Age: 11          Waiting Since: 2-4-2015

Charles wants to become a police officer when he gets older. When he’s asked about the qualities he wants in a future forever family, Charles says he wants one who likes playing with Legos and has pets.


Isaiah        Age: 16         Waiting Since: 8-5-2015

Isaiah is an outdoorsy kid who enjoys a good game of basketball or soccer. He has active imagination and his favorite animals are those you might find on an African safari. If he could wish for anything, one of his wishes would be for a family with brothers.


Jeremiah         Age: 15          Waiting Since: 4-4-2013

Jeremiah is an energetic young man who has been waiting for more than four years already for his adoptive family. He hopes for an active family that loves horses, lives on a farm and loves to be outdoors and as active as he does!


Darnell   Age: 17   Waiting Since: 03/28/2013

Darnell is a caring young man who has been waiting and hoping for a family for 8 years. His foster mother wants adoptive families to know that Darnell is very nurturing and cares deeply for his siblings. Darnell’s foster mom shared that he is warm and inviting, and tries to make everyone feel comfortable. Darnell is energetic and enjoys being outside.


Robert          Age: 14         Waiting Since: 1-08-2015

Robert’s case workers can’t say enough nice things about him. He’s active and smart. He likes to play T-ball and video games. He needs patient parents who are willing to be there for him and help him when he needs it.


Jonathan          Age: 14         Waiting Since: 12-17-2010

Jonathan is described as a go-getter who is constantly on the move and has lots of energy to spare. His perfect parent relationship would be one on one, but Jonathan could do well in the right, two-parent, active home.

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