Boys – Michigan




ANDREW N.        Age: 16          Waiting Since: 8-15-2008

Andrew has been waiting for his forever family for more than nine years now. He dreams of visiting Disney World and hopes to be a fire fighter, so he can help people. He finds joy in the simple things in life, such as unwrapping gifts.





JEREMIAH         Age: 12          Waiting Since: 4-4-2013

Jeremiah is an energetic young man who has been waiting for more than four years already for his adoptive family. He hopes for an active family that loves horses, lives on a farm and loves to be outdoors and as active as he does!





HUNTER         Age: 17          Waiting Since: 3-16-2016

Hunter is a curious young man. In fact, his inquisitive nature helps him interact with others. “Hunter enjoys socializing and getting to know others,” his worker says. “He is curious and friendly.” Hunter is described as a friendly boy with a “mild disposition” and “big personality.”





TAEVON         Age: 11          Waiting Since: 1-14-2016

Taevon could use a good, strong male role model in his life! Someone to do math problems with, play football with, teach him all about cars, how to build things and be his superman.





DESHAWN          Age: 15          Waiting Since: 12-15-2014

Deshawn loves music and hopes his future of full of it, whether he’s making it or just playing it for other people. Deshawn would benefit from a home with a pet, specifically a cat, as those are his favorite. Experienced parents with some knowledge of how trauma effects a child would be ideal for Deshawn.





CAMRON          Age: 15          Waiting Since: 4-15-2014

Camron is a smart young man who truly enjoys doing math and hopes to be a mechanic or engineer. He enjoys playing video games. Camron has expressed hope for forever parents who will be affectionate with hugs and the simple things, such as tucking him in at night. Camron really needs a positive male role model in his life.





WILLIAM          Age: 12          Waiting Since: 10-29-2015

William hopes for a dad he can talk, watch and play all kinds of sports with! William is a sports fan and he doesn’t care if it’s tossing a football back and forth, talking about a game or watching one. This young man also has a creative side though and likes to sketch. He’s described as a good kid who will do anything to help.





KALEB          Age: 10          Waiting Since: 9-13-2016

Kaleb loves all things Marvel Comics and aspires to be a super hero some day because he just wants to help people. Like most kids though, Kaleb prefers pizza to eat pizza and likes playing video games and shooting hoops. He’s good at math and hopes for a mom and a dad.





ANDREW          Age: 16          Waiting Since: 11-07-2014

Andrew has a keen interest in all things weather and even hopes to be a meteorologist when he grows up. He’s a good student and does well academically. Andrew hopes for a family to love and maybe one that enjoys Chinese buffets as much as he does. Andrew also hopes to have a pet, something his worker says would be good therapy as he transitions to a new home.





JAMES          Age: 13          Waiting Since: 7-13-2015

James is described as a sponge, he soaks up knowledge and is eager to learn. He does well academically and has big dreams for his future! James hopes for a home in the country with a mom and dad, a place where he can spend time outside.





CHRISTIAN          Age: 12          Waiting Since: 11-05-2016

Christian is described as a “lovely child” and a good kid with a big heart. Christian sees himself as a nice, respectful youngster who gets along well with others.





AVERY          Age: 11          Waiting Since: 06-25-2014

Avery’s mentor says he “is an energetic, free-spirited young man!”  His early years were very chaotic and traumatic. He, therefore, would benefit from the stability of a forever family who is patient and willing to help Avery with his emotional and behavioral needs. In school, Avery does grade-level work and likes to read and do art.




CHARLES          Age: 15          Waiting Since: 02/01/2010

Charles, who likes to be called “Chuck,” needs a family to help him prepare for the future. Described as loving, kind and considerate, Chuck likes to play board games, watch TV, go to the recreation center and play video games. If Chuck could have one wish it would be, “to have a family!” Additionally, Chuck says, “I will feel like I belong in a family when they take the time to take me to school every day!”




R’MAHN         Age: 14          Waiting Since: 10/16/2013

R’Mahn is an active young teen & likes to play some sports, with his favorite being basketball. Sometimes R’Mahn prefers to be by himself, where you might find him relaxing and reading. In fact, his adoption worker calls him “a very good reader.” R’Mahn also enjoys playing video games with the people whom he likes most.




DARNELL         Age: 11          Waiting Since: 03/28/2013

Darnell is a caring child who loves to play with his neighbors and siblings. His foster mother wants adoptive families to know that Darnell is very nurturing and cares deeply for his siblings. Darnell’s foster mom shared that he is warm and inviting, and tries to make everyone feel comfortable. Darnell is energetic and enjoys being outside.



DIONTE         Age: 11          Waiting Since: 01/26/2010

Dionte would like families to know, “I am clean, funny and cute.” He is considered to be a “go-getter.” Dionte is a brave kid who is not afraid to take a chance on new things. He cares a lot about his family and would like to visit more frequently with his grandmother whom he has a close relationship with. On the weekends, he enjoys going outside for walks, riding his bike, rollerblading and playing sports.


Brian “BJ”

BRIAN “BJ”         Age: 11          Waiting Since: 03/07/2013

Brian “can brighten up a room with his smile,” notes one of his workers, and he brightens up people’s days by giving hugs to others. Brian likes to play on his iPad, go swimming and dance to music. He is very outgoing and personable and enjoys being around people. He is non-verbal and communicates through his iPad.



Christopher “CJ”         Age: 12          Waiting Since: 07/15/2015

One of his workers sums up Christopher the best by saying that he’s “a keeper.” Christopher is eager to please, too, and enjoys receiving attention, praise and gifts from adults. This creative and active boy counts basketball as one of his favorite activities. With a future forever family, Christopher would like to go out and play sports and video games.



HUNTER         Age: 15          Waiting Since: 08/05/2014

When he’s not fishing, Hunter likes spending time alone and with those he trusts. Hunter also likes animals, enjoys playing with his hand-held video games and is protective of those he cares about. Hunter has stated a preference for a forever family who likes going fishing or camping in the woods. He would do best with two experienced parents who can spend time with him.


ZACK          Age: 14          Waiting Since: 10-23-2012

Zack enjoys sports, especially football and basketball, and takes pride in doing well at school. He’s hoping for both a mother and a father and siblings close to his own age and maintains strong relationships with his siblings. He’s needs encouragement and structure and clear expectations.



BRADLEY         Age: 13          Waiting Since: 02/18/2010

The people who know him best say Bradley is a loving boy who’s eager to find a family. He might even teach a future forever family a thing or two about computers, which are sort of a hobby for Bradley. His ideal family will be very active and offer him unconditional love and a commitment to his well-being now and into adulthood.



DRAVEN         Age: 12          Waiting Since: 10/7/2014

With his future forever family, Draven not only wants to hunt and fish, but he also would like to watch YouTube videos together or have a family game night playing video games. He would do best with two experienced parents who can give him the supervision and one-on-one attention that he needs. Draven should be the youngest child in the home.




FRED          Age: 15          Waiting Since: 2/20/2013

Fred wants to do the kinds of outdoor activities that he loves such as biking, hiking and four-wheeling. Fred also has stated a desire to attend church. is an outgoing and fun-loving kid with a competitive edge who loves to challenge his friends to a soccer game or other activity. Fred enjoys playing basketball and football and playing video games.




NICK          Age: 16          Waiting Since: 1-23-2012

Nick would do best with two parents and as the oldest child. His future forever family must be willing to let Nick maintain his Native American culture. He would benefit from having a male role model and would prefer to live near the country or on a farm, and since he loves animals, he wants a family who has pets.




JOSIAH       Age: 9          Waiting Since: 05-18-2016

Josiah, who likes to be called Joey, is most happy when he’s outside, whether’s it’s hunting, fishing, football, soccer or just playing at the park. His hopes are simple enough, he’d like a dad and a dog. Joey needs parents who will be able to give him one-on-one attention when he needs it and guidance as he learns to make proper choices.




BRENDAN          Age: 13          Waiting Since: 01-31-2012

Marcus loves animals and wants a home that has pets. Marcus also enjoys participating in community activities and would love to live in an area where he’d have that opportunity.  He exhibits behavior that can be challenging for caregivers, but he thrives on positive attention and encouragement.




Maurice          Age: 15          Waiting Since: 04-21-16

Maurice has a big heart! He hopes for a family that will love him and be there for him. He hopes for people to talk to about life and other important things. He’s aware of his own needs and all he wants is a supportive family.




Brendan          Age: 14          Waiting Since: 02-29-2012

Brendan likes sports, especially basketball and football. He’ll take a weekend camping over staying home any time. He likes cats and dogs and hopes for a family with pets. Brendan would do best in a home where he receives on-on-one attention and is either an only or the youngest child.





CODY          Age: 16         Waiting Since: 2-18-2010

Cody loves music, especially hip-hop or anything that gets him moving! He hopes to work with music, possibly as a DJ, when he grow up. He also hopes to work with children. Cody would do best in a forever family as the youngest or only child.




DAVID          Age: 16         Waiting Since: 6-15-2009

David enjoys reading (especially Harry Potter), being outside and active, playing sports, climbing trees and as you’ll see in the video: getting his hands dirty! David does well academically. He needs a forever home with lots of patience. He’d like some siblings, but he’d do best as an oldest or youngest child.




JORDAN          Age: 12         Waiting Since: 3-13-2015

Sports, sports, sports! Be ready to be active with Jordan. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, he’ll be ready to go! Jordan would do best with two parents who and possibly siblings. He does well in school, especially math and science. Jordan even eats his veggies … except peas and broccoli.




ROBERT          Age: 10         Waiting Since: 1-08-2015

Robert’s case workers can’t say enough nice things about him. He’s active and smart. He likes to play T-ball and video games. He needs patient parents who are willing to be there for him and help him when he needs it.




OCTAVION          Age: 16        Waiting Since: 8-23-2012

Octavion likes playing basketball and football, eating pizza and writing music. He would benefit greatly from two parents who have plenty of time to give him the attention and structured home and family he would benefit from.




KENNETH          Age: 11        Waiting Since: 4-8-2013

Kenneth is a very loving and affectionate child who is also really playful! He likes to laugh at jokes and dress silly. Kenneth would do best with two experienced parents who can give him the one-on-one attention he needs to be successful.




JONATHAN          Age: 12        Waiting Since: 12-17-2010

Jonathan can be shy at first but will open up to the people. He enjoys doing things with his hands, whether it’s playing football or building with Legos, K’Nex or Lincoln Logs. He hopes for a family with a mom and dad, siblings and a dog.




DAMAREO          Age: 14        Waiting Since: 11-08-2016

When he’s asked about the qualities that he wants in a future forever family, Damareo says he wants one who will stand by him and stay committed no matter what happens.


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